BTC VS. Gold ?

For the first time, digital currency overtook the precious metal in value.

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Bitcoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency, continued to rise on Thursday, updating its own value records. At the moment, the weighted average rate of one bitcoin is $ 1250, which allowed the digital currency to bypass gold in value for the first time.

Gold has yielded in price to the digital currency invented in 2008, Bitcoin, which has shown steady growth in recent months, and recently finally set its own value record. Today, the quotes of the world’s first cryptocurrency continued to grow and, at the time of this writing, reached $ 1250.

This allowed her to bypass the price of gold.

According to Bloomberg Markets, an ounce of gold in today’s trading was quoted in the range of $ 1235.65-1250. The curves of the value of one bitcoin and an ounce of the precious metal crossed at $ 1238. Gold is currently trading around $ 1240, thus lagging behind the cryptocurrency by $ 10.