Workers of dozens of Belarusian enterprises took part in rallies

They put forward political slogans, including new elections
Workers of dozens of large enterprises in Belarus hold rallies, short-term strikes, or join street protests against police violence and falsified presidential elections on Friday, which they accuse the authorities of.
According to Belarusian media and social media users, the rallies were held at such enterprises as the Belarusian Metallurgical Plant, the Belarusian Automobile Plant, the Minsk Electrotechnical Plant named after Kozlov, MAZ, and the Minsk Tractor Plant., «Belshina», «Grodno Azot», «Grodnozhilstroy», «Naftan» in Novopolotsk, «Belaruskali» in Soligorsk, «Polymir» – more than 20 enterprises in total, many of which are backbone.
A lot of videos are published on social networks, in which the slogans of the protesters are heard. They speak out against violence against civilians, and there are also calls for the resignation of President Alexander Lukashenko. In some enterprises, their managers meet with workers. At the same time, production as a rule does not stop..
Employees of the Minsk metro also took part in the protest action – while the movement of trains did not stop.
The so-called «chains of solidarity», in them, in particular, medical workers in white coats stand up.
IT workers joined the chain of solidarity at the site near the Hi-Tech Park in Minsk. Several hundred people took part in the action. They were holding flowers and keyboards.
The protests at enterprises on Friday were commented on by the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko – he announced the attempts «rock work collectives» and said that strikes would negatively hit businesses and their workers.
Mass protests have continued in Belarus since the evening of August 9, when the preliminary results of the presidential elections were announced. The protesters believe that they were falsified in favor of Lukashenka. In the early days, the police and special forces harshly suppressed the protests, since Thursday, the authorities have hardly hindered them..

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There was ample evidence of police violence against detainees. Liberated protesters, their friends and relatives tell about him. A number of prominent public figures have called on the authorities to end the violence. On Friday, Patriarchal Exarch of All Belarus, ROC Metropolitan Pavel called on Alexander Lukashenko to stop violence against «ordinary people» and expressed the hope that «the authorities will hear the voice of ordinary people».
The general director of the football club BATE Mikhail Zalevsky, who previously served in the police, demonstratively threw his uniform into the trash and posted a video on Instagram. Earlier, a number of active policemen announced their dismissal in protest..
Presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya – Lukashenko’s main opponent in the elections – called for peaceful mass protests in all cities of the country on the coming Saturday and Sunday

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