William Hill: Moldovan voters voted for changes for the better

The former head of the OSCE mission to Moldova is convinced that&# 160; USA&# 160; will support the desire of the Moldovan people to integrate into the European community&# 160;

This week, observers in Europe and the United States are actively commenting on the victory in the presidential elections in Moldova, Maia Sandu, who is described by observers as a pro-European reformer..
Voice of America Russian Service asked for comment on the results of these elections William Hill (William Hill), a former US Ambassador who led the OSCE Mission to the Republic of Moldova from 1999-2006 and now a political scientist at the Kennan Institute in Washington.
“The victory of Maia Sandu in the elections is an important victory for those forces in the Moldovan society that are in favor of closer integration of the country with Western Europe and, in particular, with the European Union,” said William Hill. – This victory followed a long series of elections in Moldova, when voters voted for changes for the better: to end poverty and corruption, but each time they were disappointed with the activities of the next government that came to power. But the current overwhelming victory – about 57 to 43 percent – is a very significant expression of the will of the people, which heralds significant opportunities for change for the better. “.
“The United States,” Hill continues, “has been actively following what is happening in Moldova since the days when I worked there as the head of the OSCE mission in the late 1990s, and since then we have supported the aspirations of Moldovans to carry out reforms that would lead to economic growth and prosperity. And the fact that these reforms could not be carried out upset us as much as the Moldovans. “.

William Hill: Moldovan voters voted for changes for the better

“I am sure that the US Embassy in Moldova has already welcomed the results of the current elections, and I believe that the new US administration will willingly and enthusiastically cooperate with the new President of Moldova, so let’s see how everything will develop. Of course, an important aspect for the Russian-speaking audience is that Moldova is a parliamentary republic and the presidential figure is not very powerful, so we have yet to see how the formation of the new government and new parliamentary elections will go. But President-elect Maia Sandu has a real chance to put forward a number of his proposals and initiatives and put them into practice. In other words, this is an inspiring start, and I think most of the countries in Europe and North America, including the United States, welcome the results of these elections, ”concluded American political scientist William Hill.

Moldova’s Presidential Elections

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