Will Putin continue to lend to Maduro's regime?

Experts on why Russia is trying to save &# 171; sinking ship&# 187; Nicholas Maduro

Moscow expresses its political support to all “legitimate” authorities in Venezuela, including the institution of the president and parliament. This was stated by Russian leader Vladimir Putin following a regular meeting with Nicholas Maduro. It is appropriate to recall in this regard that after the re-election of Maduro for a second term, accompanied by numerous violations, Juan Guaido, who is now recognized in this capacity by many countries, including the United States, declared himself interim president of Venezuela. Moscow and Beijing, Havana and a few other capitals continue to support Caracas today. The confrontation between the authorities and the opposition in Venezuela continues to this day.
Therefore, this time Vladimir Putin was forced to call for a dialogue between the government, loyal to Maduro, and the opposition. “We consider any refusal to engage in dialogue as irrational, harmful for the country and carrying only threats to the well-being of the population,” he stressed..
The Russian delegation at the talks looked very representative: First Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister of Russia Anton Siluanov, Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov (responsible for the defense sector), Presidential Aide Yuri Ushakov, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov and Rosneft CEO Igor Sechin.
As previously reported by the Kremlin press service, the heads of state “will discuss topical issues of bilateral relations, as well as key international and regional topics, including in the context of the difficult situation around Venezuela.”.
The meeting took place in a closed environment for journalists. There is little information about the talks, so experts put forward a variety of versions about the true goals of Maduro’s sudden visit to Moscow, noting that his talks with Putin coincided with the meeting of Presidents Trump and Zelensky on the periphery of the UN General Assembly in New York..
Former Minister of Economy of Russia, politician Andrey Nechaev believes that first of all, Maduro arrived in Moscow precisely in the hope of receiving economic assistance or, at least, to postpone the payment of Russian loans. Because Venezuela has a big debt to Russia and, separately, to Rosneft, he explained in a commentary for the Russian service of Voice of America..
“Caracas has serious problems with the sale of oil due to the sanctions,” added Nechaev. – On the other hand, the situation is now favorable: oil prices have grown due to the attack on the Saudi fields. Other large producing countries have the opportunity to expand their quota on the oil market “.
The ex-Minister of Economy did not rule out that a scheme was being worked out in Moscow that would allow Russia to trade Venezuelan oil. In his opinion, foreign policy support will hardly help Maduro given the current international situation: “He already has good relations with Russia, China and a number of other countries. They are already bad with the West, it is impossible to worsen them. With Colombia – the pre-war situation. We cannot influence all this in any way. As well as a showdown with internal opposition “.
At the same time, Aleksey Nechaev found it difficult to answer why Moscow should support the sinking ship driven by Maduro: “Probably, this is still happening because Caracas is our major debtor. And there is an old joke: when you owe one hundred rubles, that’s your problem, and when it comes to one hundred million, it’s the lender’s problem. In addition, Moscow does not have many allies to be scattered about. We have to cherish everyone “.

Will Putin continue to lend to Maduro's regime?

The ex-minister also expressed doubt that Moscow will continue lending to Venezuela, since there is no need to talk about the stability of the Maduro regime.
Political scientist, analyst of the oil and gas sector Mikhail Krutikhin I agree that Maduro came to Moscow mainly for financial support. According to him, he does not need police support, since he is “guarded by 20 thousand Cuban military”.
“Probably, Caracas is now in dire need of financial assistance,” he says in a commentary for the Russian service of the Voice of America. – However, it is possible that some other financial matters were discussed. More and more of Maduro’s associates are being prosecuted for drug trafficking cases, and there are many charges hanging on them. I admit that Maduro came for consultations to the Russian representatives of the power structures “.
Mikhail Krutikhin also does not see any sense in Moscow’s support for Maduro.

U.S. and Russia could soon reach deal over Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro

“Probably, everything is due to the fact that Putin finds friends for himself, mostly among the heads of rogue states. However, I do not exclude that there is also someone’s material interest. In expert circles, it is said a lot that in the form of assistance to Caracas, funds can be withdrawn from Russia, and considerable, ”he concluded..
Vladimir Putin admitted on Wednesday that Russia has invested roughly $ 4 billion in Venezuela’s economy. Maduro was also generously subsidized by the state corporation Rosneft.

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