Who will protect Russians from an unjust trial?

Human rights defenders – on the consequences of the liquidation of the movement &# 171; For Human Rights&# 187; Lev Ponomarev

Who will protect Russians from an unjust trial?

The main reason for the liquidation of the movement “For Human Rights” lies not in minor formal shortcomings in the work, but in the desire of the authorities to put an end to the activities of the human rights organization, which clearly characterizes the rule of Vladimir Putin and emphasizes on which direction the state’s efforts are focused.
This is stated in the statement of the International Memorial.
“The activity of the movement“ For Human Rights ”does not threaten society, but on the contrary, protects society from corrupt and presumptuous officials, from sadists in uniform, from an unjust trial,” the statement says. – It is this activity – unfortunately, not without reason – that can be considered directed against the prevailing vicious order of government. It is this activity that they strive to suppress “.
According to human rights activists, the preconditions for a dignified life for citizens in any country are created not by oil and gas reserves, but thanks to a developed civil society capable of influencing and controlling power. At the same time, they emphasize that this is exactly what modern Russia is deprived of, and this makes them worry about the fate of the country..
As a reminder, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation on November 1 ruled to liquidate the For Human Rights movement led by Lev Ponomarev, satisfying the claim of the Ministry of Justice. Not even a month has passed since the office filed a claim.
Official claims of the Ministry of Justice against the organization – inconsistency of its charter with amendments to the Civil Code and repeated violations of the law on foreign agents.
The Movement for Human Rights and its leader have recently been subject to consistent fines and various forms of harassment, including arrest. The total amount of monetary penalties imposed on the organization and personally Lev Ponomarev amounted to almost two million rubles.
Svetlana Gannushkina, chairman of the Civic Assistance Committee, believes that on the same grounds that were used in the liquidation of the For Human Rights movement, today in Russia almost any objectionable public organization can be closed, especially if it is classified as a “foreign agent”. For this, in her opinion, the register of foreign agents was created..
“It is clear that this (the decision of the Supreme Court) paved the way for the destruction of the public and human rights sector as a whole,” she says in an interview with Voice of America. – And Lev Ponomarev, who was especially active in high-profile political cases, just turned out to be the first. Now they are imposing huge fines on Memorial. The whole question is – who is next in line? “
According to Svetlana Gannushkina, an assembly line is being established in the country to ban objectionable organizations. Everything goes to the fact that the process of liquidating NPOs will continue, she predicts.
“The Ministry of Justice has already turned from a ministry, which should have upheld the law, into a prohibitive agency. The authorities do not want to change in an evolutionary way and thus lead matters to a revolution. It is they, and not we, human rights defenders and civil society, “summed up the head of the Civic Assistance Committee..
On the eve of the Ministry of Justice demanded to liquidate the Council of Teips of the Ingush people. However, the Supreme Court of Ingushetia has so far suspended the consideration of the claim.

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In turn, the co-chairman of the Moscow Helsinki Group, the founder of the Sakharov Center, Vyacheslav Bakhmin, agrees that Lev Ponomarev and his movement greatly interfered with the authorities. And first of all, it seems to him, their activities irritated the FSB.
“After all, they were actively involved in exposing the cases of“ Network ”,“ New Greatness ”, Hizb ut-Tahrir (recognized in Russia, but not in the world as a terrorist organization – V.V.), falsified by the special services, he said in a commentary to the Voice of America. – These are all extremely painful blows against the FSB. Her ears stick out everywhere. In addition, Ponomarev has long emphasized the danger of the transfer of real power to the special services, which we are now, in general, watching “.
Of course, Lev Ponomarev for his civil position, from the point of view of the FSB, should have been punished, which happened, stated Vyacheslav Bakhmin. At the same time, he found it difficult to say how the situation with the human rights movement in the country will develop further: “I don’t think that such a fate will necessarily befall most other NGOs. Although all of them, and especially those included in the register of foreign agents, are vulnerable. You can find fault with each of them and achieve their elimination. This is how Russian laws and law enforcement practice work “.
However, much will depend on what will be the reaction of the general public about the closure of the movement “For Human Rights”, the co-chairman of the Moscow Helsinki Group believes. And the saddest thing in the current situation is that Russians have fewer and fewer opportunities to reach somewhere, ask for help and get support, the human rights activist concluded..

Who will protect Russians from an unjust trial?
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