White House rejects Putin's proposal to extend START-3 for a year

The Russian President’s proposal is "unsuccessful", said the adviser to the president of the United States for national security
Russian President Vladimir Putin’s proposal to extend the expiring treaty with the United States on the limitation of strategic offensive arms (START-3) for one year without any conditions is "unsuccessful". This was announced on Friday by the US National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien on the official page of the National Security Council on Twitter..

«The United States has offered to extend the new START III treaty for one year in exchange for Russia and the United States limiting all nuclear warheads during that period. This would be a victory for both sides, and we thought the Russians were ready to accept this offer when I met with my colleague in Geneva. Putin’s current proposal to extend START-3 without freezing nuclear warheads is unsuccessful», – said the presidential adviser a few hours after the Russian leader made his proposal.
Robert O’Brien added that the United States «take arms control seriously, which will ensure the security of the whole world. We hope Russia will reconsider its position before the costly arms race breaks out».

White House rejects Putin's proposal to extend START-3 for a year

Earlier, Putin proposed to extend the current START-3 treaty without any conditions for a year. According to Vladimir Putin, if this happens, then the parties will be able to negotiate on all the issues they have..
START-3 – the last major nuclear arms agreement between the two countries. It expires in February. President Donald Trump’s administration has pushed for China to become a party to the nuclear arms limitation agreement. The Russian side did not agree with this.
At the same time, the US President’s Special Representative for Arms Control Marshall Billingsley said that before the presidential elections Washington is ready to extend the treaty for a limited period and without this condition. Billingsley said the parties have already reached an agreement in principle. At the same time, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that Washington’s proposal is unacceptable for Moscow..

Russia: Putin proposes extension of New START nuclear treaty with US for 1 year

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