White House plans to cut USAID budget by 24% in 2020

One of the leaders of The ONE Campaign commented on this plan

The draft budget for 2020 includes a reduction in non-military spending. In particular, it is planned to cut the budget of the Ministry of Education by almost 12%. Together, $ 5 billion has been budgeted to help families of students in private schools. Two Billion Teacher Grants Program for Professional Development Closes.
The funding of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is cut by 24%. This will affect humanitarian, refugee and global health programs.
The currently existing funds, from which funds are drawn for international programs, are planned to be combined into one – the International Fund for Humanitarian Aid, for which about $ 6 billion will be allocated. This is one third less than last year. Medicare (the national health insurance program in the United States for people 65 and older) is supposed to be cut by $ 830 billion. In addition, the administration is proposing to cut global health programs from $ 8.7 billion to $ 6.3 billion..
Representatives of non-governmental organizations note that the most vulnerable citizens in various countries of the world will suffer due to the reduction in funding for international programs..
“The cuts in the foreign aid budget signals that we are budgeting responsibly. In fact, this has little impact on the formation of financial policy. However, the impact (of this) on people’s lives is enormous. When we talk about the AIDS program, given the US President’s claims that he will end AIDS in the United States and beyond, the cuts in program funding are disappointing. The cuts in funding will negatively affect the lives of millions of people around the world, in particular women and children, who will not be able to access life-saving programs. We think this is reckless and irresponsible. Many of the programs we support have a positive impact on the lives of the most vulnerable populations. We believe that everyone in the world deserves access to life-saving health programs, ”said Emily Huey of The One Campaign..

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White House plans to cut USAID budget by 24% in 2020


Cuts in US funding for international aid will negatively affect the lives of millions of people



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    White House plans to cut USAID budget by 24% in 2020


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At the same time, Donald Trump proposed to increase the Pentagon’s budget to 750 billion. This comes against the backdrop of a reduction in the American presence in Afghanistan and Syria..
“The US government is responsible for protecting American citizens, the country, and the American way of life. The $ 750 billion budget is for our national defense, and to be clear, this is not funding endless wars. The money is for research, development and procurement for the most powerful army the world has ever known. In addition, federal resources and border defenders are overworked due to the situation on the southern border. The FY2020 budget provides significant funding of $ 8.6 billion to fully complete the wall and other border security facilities, ”said Russell Voth, Acting Head of the White House’s Office of Administration and Budgeting..
Democrats say the proposed budget won’t get enough votes in Congress.

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