Volodymyr Zelenskyy on the situation in Belarus: we are like-minded people with European countries

Interfactional group in the Verkhovna Rada &# 171; For a democratic Belarus&# 187; named Alexander Lukashenko a dictator and self-proclaimed president

KIEV – After the “inauguration” of Alexander Lukashenko, Ukrainian officials spoke about the situation in Belarus.
According to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Ukraine supports the position of partner countries and the European Union regarding events in Belarus and calls on the Belarusian authorities to find a dialogue with the people.
“If the authorities do not find an opportunity for dialogue with their relatives, this power will not exist. And here Ukraine will always support our partners, and here we are like-minded people with all European countries, ”President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said, his press service reported on September 24.
He noted, during a press conference after a meeting in Bratislava with the President of the Slovak Republic Zuzana Czaputova, that Ukraine has repeatedly called on the Belarusian authorities to dialogue with the people..
President Volodymyr Zelensky recalled that Ukraine has a tragic experience when the government’s disregard for the interests of the people led to bloodshed.
“We buried the Ukrainians who were killed on the Maidan. We saw how people and buildings burned. What we see today: if the authorities do not stop those actions, especially the actions of law enforcement officers directed against their people, they will receive a very powerful result and response from the people, ”Volodymyr Zelenskyy said..
According to the Ukrainian leader, Ukrainians and Belarusians are linked by centuries of strong historical friendship.
In Minsk, September 23: protests and “inauguration”
On September 23, Minsk hosted the inauguration ceremony of Alyaksandr Lukashenka, which the press calls “secret” or “secret”. For the first time, the solemn event was not announced in advance, it was held without television broadcasting and without inviting international delegations..
The Belarusian opposition reacted to this event with another wave of protests that have not stopped since August 9 – the date of the presidential elections.
World and regional media report that the first mass arrests of participants in spontaneous actions after the secret inauguration of Alexander Lukashenko began at the stele “Minsk – Hero City”, where several thousand people gathered.
As noted in the Telegram channel “Press Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus”, “On September 23, 59 protest actions with the participation of about five thousand people were recorded in various settlements of the country. The Ministry of Internal Affairs has taken the necessary measures to maintain order and ensure public safety of their implementation “.
In Ukraine about the “inauguration”: farce and illegitimacy
Ukraine has never, in any way, interfered in the internal affairs of Belarus and will always support the Belarusian people. This was announced on September 23 on Twitter by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. Dmitry Kuleba.
“Considering the course of the election campaign in Belarus and subsequent events, today’s“ inauguration ”of A. Lukashenko does not mean his recognition as the legitimate head of the Belarusian state,” Dmitry Kuleba stressed..
The inter-factional group in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine “For Democratic Belarus” adopted a statement in connection with the “inauguration” of Lukashenka. It emphasizes that “today the dictator and self-proclaimed President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko held a closed ceremony of” inauguration “at the Palace of Independence in Minsk”.
This was announced on Facebook by the leader of the group, People’s Deputy of Ukraine Oleksiy Goncharenko.
The document noted that the event was held secretly and “was not even broadcast on state radio and television, which” is a direct violation of the country’s legislation. “.
In this regard, the group stated that the inauguration ceremony is “a complete farce and cannot legitimize the falsification of the presidential elections in Belarus,” the Charter’97 website quoted Alexei Goncharenko as saying..
In a commentary for the Russian service of the Voice of America, the people’s deputy Alexey Goncharenko emphasized that “Lukashenka is a dictator who, in fact, rejected the option of negotiations and went to aggravate” the situation with the opposition.
“It is obvious to me that Lukashenka is a dictator, and you need to treat him accordingly. Political contacts with him must be interrupted, because he is illegitimate, he is a usurper of power, “said Oleksiy Goncharenko..
He noted that official Kiev is taking the first steps on the “Belarusian issue” – there is a reaction from the Foreign Ministry and President Volodymyr Zelensky canceled a trip that was planned for October to Belarus.
Opinion: Belarusians will not obey Lukashenka
Leader of the Razam (Together) Solidarity Movement, Belarusian dissident Viacheslav Siuchyk believes that after all the events that have taken place in Belarus since August 9, the citizens of the republic have only one way – to fight for victory.
“What passed yesterday cannot be called an inauguration. In the besieged fortress, Lukashenka showed that he wants to lead the country, showing that he will not abandon the old methods – terrible events unfolded in Minsk yesterday when Karaev’s punishers (Minister of Internal Affairs – TB) went hunting for the protesters Belarusians, creating lawlessness, which cannot be called anything other than “lukashism”, “says Vyacheslav Siuchyk to the correspondent of the Russian service” Voice of America “.
He believes that Belarusians cannot submit to the authorities that are not legitimate.

Revolution in BELARUS: The END of the last DICTATORSHIP in Europe? – VisualPolitik EN

When asked whether the protesters have enough strength to fight until victory, he replies that if not enough, then Belarus can turn into a concentration camp.
“Now even more Belarusians understand this and demonstrate adequate behavior to Lukashenka,” emphasizes Vyacheslav Siuchyk.
According to him, many tragic events would not have happened “if the West had indulged less to him and his patron Putin in 26 years of Lukashenka’s regime”, turning a blind eye to the lack of democracy in Belarus.
“Today the West has enough mechanisms to put pressure on Putin’s Russia, on the Lukashenka’s regime, and Belarusians cannot stop in this situation,” says Vyacheslav Siuchyk.
In the hope of a dialogue between the parties
Political scientist Alexander Paliy believes that after the so-called “inauguration”, it is necessary not to give up hopes for a dialogue with Lukashenko on the peaceful transition of the transfer of power.
“Today we need to try to speak with the de facto government and understand that this is the de facto government, while remembering that it is most important to save the independence of Belarus. We need to enter into negotiations with Lukashenka and talk about a normal transition to democracy. Now he is not ready for this, but over time the situation will change, “- says Alexander Paliy to the correspondent of the Russian service of the Voice of America..
The secret “inauguration”, according to him, showed several features of the current political life of the country: Lukashenko’s fear of the strengthening of Russia in Belarus and his unwillingness to finally surrender the country’s sovereignty.
“He could have been afraid that the Kremlin would somehow start to influence the inauguration process. This shows that Lukashenka did not completely surrender to the Kremlin, but now it is important that the de facto president and the Belarusian society start talking, ”the political scientist emphasizes..
Ukraine, according to Alexander Paliy, could take on the role of mediator in this dialogue, if Alexander Lukashenko agrees.

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