US retaliated against pro-Iranian groups in Iraq

The strikes were carried out from US military aircraft on five targets in the south of the country
US warplanes attacked five targets of Iranian-backed militants in southern Iraq. The strikes came Thursday night in response to rocket attacks on an Iraqi base hosting US and international coalition forces. US believes Iranian-backed groups are behind the attack that killed two Americans and a British soldier.
Air strikes, supported by the British military, targeted a terrorist group «Kataib Hezbollah» and facilities believed to contain an arsenal of the type of missiles used in the attack on coalition forces on Wednesday.
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US retaliated against pro-Iranian groups in Iraq
US Strikes Back in Iraq

The militants of the group fired about 30 missiles in the direction of the Iraqi military base the day before «Katyusha», 18 of which reached the goal and damaged military targets. In addition to the three killed soldiers from the coalition forces, another 14 people were injured..
At the moment, nothing has been reported about losses in the ranks of the militants. Shortly after the retaliatory strike against the pro-Iranian groups, the Pentagon issued an official statement on this matter..
«The United States will not tolerate attacks against our people, our interests, or our allies», – said in an official communique signed by US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper.
On Wednesday, March 11, shortly after the attack on the American military, Esper said that he had discussed the shelling with President Donald Trump, but did not elaborate on what possible retaliatory measures were discussed during the conversation with the Supreme Commander. Trump, speaking on Thursday at a press briefing at the White House, also did not talk about what the US response might be..
General Kenneth McKenzie, the commander of US Central Command, which is in charge of US military operations in the Middle East, told a meeting of the Senate Armed Services Committee that the circumstances of the attack were still being investigated, adding that the only force that had previously conducted a fire attack of this magnitude against US forces in Iraq, is a terrorist group «Kataib Hezbollah».
However, Army General Mark Millie, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told reporters who asked who carried out the attack: «We can [say] but we won’t. We know with a lot of confidence, but we will not talk about it publicly at the moment.».

American warplanes bomb pro-Iranian militias in Iraq in response to deadly rocket attack

Thursday representatives «Kataib Hezbollah» commended the attack on «Camp Taj», however did not take responsibility for the attack.
«Blessed be those who carried out this precision jihadist operation», said in a statement from the group, translated by the SITE Intelligence think tank.
The Iraqi presidential administration condemned the terrorist attack in a statement on Thursday, highlighting the need to find the culprits.

US retaliated against pro-Iranian groups in Iraq
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