US imposed visa sanctions against employees of Chinese technology companies

Companies implicated in human rights abuses, including Huawei, hit under sanctions

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announces visa restrictions for a number of Chinese tech workers involved in human rights abuses.
“The United States of America has long been a beacon of hope for the world’s most oppressed peoples and a voice for those who have been silenced,” Pompeo said. “We have been particularly active in reporting on human rights violations committed by the Chinese Communist Party, which are among the most egregious in the world.”.

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US imposed visa sanctions against employees of Chinese technology companies



China threatens US sanctions for imposing US sanctions in the wake of events in Hong Kong



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U.S. to impose visa restrictions on Huawei, employees of other Chinese tech companies



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According to Pompeo, the State Department is imposing visa restrictions on some employees of Chinese technology companies who provide material support to regimes that violate human rights around the world. Under the Immigration and Citizenship Act, foreign nationals are not eligible to enter the United States if the Secretary of State has reason to believe that the person’s entry “would have potentially serious adverse foreign policy consequences for the United States.”.
Sanctioned companies include telecommunications giant Huawei, which, according to Pompeo, is one of the structures used by the Chinese “police state” to exercise political censorship, set up concentration camps in Xinjiang and place citizens in contractual slavery. Some Huawei employees provide material support to the CCP regime that violates human rights.
“Telecommunications companies around the world need to keep in mind that when they do business with Huawei, they do business with human rights abuses,” said Pompeo..

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