US elections: vote count continues

The outcome of the election depends on several states

The winner of the US presidential election is still unknown: the result depends on several states that have not yet finished counting ballots sent by mail.
President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden won in states where they were expected to win, but results remain unknown in a number of states: Georgia and Pennsylvania in the east, Michigan and Wisconsin in the Midwest, and Arizona and Nevada in the Southwest.

US elections: vote count continues

On Wednesday, Trump’s campaign headquarters announced its intention to demand a recount in Wisconsin, one of the states that can determine the outcome of the election..
“Despite using ridiculous polls as a tactic to suppress voters’ will, the gap between candidates in Wisconsin is extremely small, as we expected. There are reports of irregularities in several counties in Wisconsin, which raises serious doubts about the reliability of the results. The President has every reason to demand a recount, and we will do it immediately, “Trump’s campaign manager said in a statement..
Counting of votes in a number of key states is not yet complete due to the large number of ballots sent by mail.
The electoral authorities continue to count millions of votes, some of which were cast on Tuesday, but many more – within weeks of early voting.
By midday on Wednesday, Trump was in the lead in Georgia and Pennsylvania, and Biden was in the lead in the other four states, but the final balance of power is still unclear..
Since now they are counting ballots received by mail from predominantly democratic areas, Biden’s headquarters said: “Joe Biden is on the way to victory in this election.”.
Despite the uncertainty, Trump appeared in front of White House cameras early Wednesday morning, saying he believed in his victory and was ready to go to the Supreme Court to try to stop the counting..
“This is a massive falsification,” he said. “Personally, I think I have already won.”.
Biden’s campaign manager Jennifer O’Malley Dillon tweeted: “If Donald Trump’s wish came true and we stopped counting ballots right now, Joe Biden would be the next President of the United States.”.
Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien objected: “We are convinced that if we count all the legitimate votes cast, the president will win.” He dismissed media reports that Biden won in Arizona as erroneous and said Trump would win that state by 30,000 votes..
At Biden’s campaign headquarters, the president’s call to stop counting ballots was called an “outrageous” attempt to infringe on the democratic rights of citizens who decided to vote in advance..
Biden had previously addressed supporters in his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware, thanking them and expressing confidence in victory..

US elections: vote count continues

“Keep the faith, folks, we will win,” Biden told jubilant supporters outside his Wilmington home..

US elections: vote count continues

At the same time, Biden stressed that it is necessary to be patient while the counting of votes continues..
At the time when Trump called for an end to the counting of votes, he lagged behind Biden in the number of Electoral College votes with a score of 213 to 224. To win, you need to get at least 270 out of 538 electoral votes..
As of Wednesday morning, Biden was in the lead in the popular vote with 68.7 million to Trump’s 66.1 million, but the Electoral College vote is crucial. Most populous states have the most electors and the most influence.
In recent days, the president told his entourage that he would declare victory if he felt that he was ahead of his opponent..
“I think it’s awful when ballots can be collected after the elections,” he told reporters on Sunday. “I think it’s awful when states are allowed to count ballots for a long period of time after the elections are over.”.
Trump’s race partner, Vice President Mike Pence, assured Republicans that they are determined to “defend the vote,” but did not echo the president’s claim that they had already won.

No clear winner as U.S. election count continues Wednesday morning

“It will be a fight to the end,” warns La Trice Washington, a political scientist at Otterbein University in Ohio.
Essential points
* As expected, Democrats are on track to maintain a majority in the House of Representatives. Whether the Republicans will be able to retain control of the Senate remains to be seen: the results of several Senate races are still unknown..
* Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is re-elected to a seventh six-year term from Kentucky.
* According to the results of exit polls conducted by Edison Research, compared to 2016, Trump has grown in popularity among all races and genders, except for white men.
* The FBI said it is investigating reports of automated calls not to go to elections that have been received by voters in some states. At the same time, contrary to fears, no signs of large-scale conflicts were revealed at the polling stations..
* And about. Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolfe said Tuesday that authorities have found no evidence of external vote manipulation in the U.S. presidential election.
Experts predict that, given the large number of early votes cast, the turnout in these elections could reach a record 150 million or more..

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