US coronavirus death toll rises to six

In total, the number of confirmed and suspected cases of infection in the country was 91

US Coronavirus Death Toll Reaches Six, Health Officials Say.
Against this backdrop, the US authorities are trying to prepare for the increase in the number of infections, with an emphasis on expanding the capacity for testing..
Seattle & King County Health Officer Jeff Duchin Announces Rise in Washington State Deaths From Just Two Previously.
Eight of the 14 cases of infection in his jurisdiction are associated with a focus of the disease at a medical facility in Kirkland, near Seattle, Duchin said at a press conference. Four of these eight patients have died.
At least four of the six deaths were elderly or had underlying medical conditions, the official said..
Despite this, Vice President Mike Pence, speaking at a White House briefing, said the coronavirus-related risk level for Americans remains low..

US coronavirus death toll rises to six

Earlier in the day, two senior officials said the Donald Trump administration was studying the feasibility of issuing a declaration of emergency to help states and municipalities recover the cost of the coronavirus response..

US coronavirus death toll rises to six

At a meeting with pharmaceutical executives, President Donald Trump said that new travel restrictions are also being considered for countries most severely affected by the virus..
The head of the Food and Drug Administration Steven Hahn said that by the end of the week about a million tests for coronavirus will be carried out.
The total number of infections detected by the Washington state health system is now 18, more than in any other state. In addition to 14 cases in King County, four residents of neighboring Snohomish County tested positive for coronavirus, authorities said..
“We expect the number of infections to grow in the coming days and weeks and are taking this situation extremely seriously,” Duchin said..
He also noted that the vast majority of diagnosed patients show symptoms of mild to moderate severity, which will not require hospitalization..

Coronavirus death toll rises in U.S.

As of Sunday, the number of confirmed and suspected cases in the US has risen to 91, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said..
Without going into details, Trump said his administration has asked pharmaceutical companies to accelerate work on developing a vaccine against coronavirus..
US health officials said it could take up to 18 months to develop a vaccine and that there is no cure for the respiratory illness, although patients may receive symptomatic treatment..

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