Ukrainian Ambassador to the United States: Russia could have violated sanctions by selling the Tor-M1 air defense system to Iran

According to some reports, Ukrainian &# 171; Boeing&# 187; was shot down by the Iranian military using a Russian-made missile system

A possible violation by Russia of international sanctions imposed on Iran should be taken into account during the investigation of the circumstances under which the Ukrainian UIA Boeing was shot down in Iran on January 8. Volodymyr Yelchenko, Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States, said this in an interview with the Ukrainian service of the Voice of America..
Currently, Iran is subject to a number of sanctions, both international and imposed by individual countries, including the United States, on the sale of weapons to the country..
Earlier in the press it was reported that the Ukrainian plane was shot down by the Russian-made Tor-M1 surface-to-air missile system..
“This is, perhaps, a matter of a more distant perspective. But we must talk about a certain international responsibility of those people and those companies that are engaged in such sales, ”the ambassador said in an interview with reporters..
Now a more important issue, according to Yelchenko, is to bring to justice both the people who gave and executed the order to attack the plane, and the states at the international legal level..
“Since Iran has fully admitted its participation and its guilt in this tragedy, I hope that this path will be covered by the Iranian side to the end, and it will pay all the required compensation to the families of the victims and the airlines … I hope that we will not have to contact international courts, this issue will be closed … between Ukraine and Iran at the bilateral level. Iran behaved, in my opinion, in a civilized manner. He pleaded guilty, “- said the head of the Ukrainian diplomatic mission.
Yelchenko said that Ukraine received all the relevant intelligence information from the United States, although not immediately. According to him, the delay in Kiev’s public statements about the reasons for the plane crash was primarily due to the fact that it was Ukrainian specialists who flew to Iran to carry out an investigation at the crash site, and there were fears that Iran might not give them such permission..

Will Iran gets Russia’s most advanced long-range surface-to-air missile defense system !!!

According to the ambassador, Ukraine has gained access to Boeing’s black boxes, and further investigation will be conducted with representatives of the aircraft manufacturer. Specialists from Boeing “will definitely be part of a group formed from countries whose citizens died in this plane crash,” Yelchenko said..

  • Russian service &# 171; Voices of America&# 187;


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