Ukraine marks the fifth anniversary of the start of the Revolution of Dignity

Ukrainian authorities talk about sacrifice and mutual support
Ukrainians in the fight for the European integration course and against the aggression of Russia

Five years ago, Ukrainians forever chose the direction of their development – to be in the family of free peoples of the world. This is stated in the Address of the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Parubiy on the occasion of the Day of Dignity and Freedom, which is celebrated in Ukraine on November 21.
“In the cold days of November 2013, the irreversible mental de-occupation of Ukraine began – our final liberation and break with the forced past. Since then, the Ukrainians have never again allowed themselves to be humiliated. And this is already forever! During the Revolution of Dignity, we witnessed the birth of new Ukrainian citizens. Free, conscientious and courageous patriots, people of different professions and occupations, of different origins and ages, Ukrainians, who communicated among themselves in different languages, took to the streets and, united, created a space of freedom, dignity and justice on the Maidan, ”the speaker of the Ukrainian parliament Andriy Parubiy, according to the press service of the Verkhovna Rada administration.
Andriy Parubiy stressed that “Maidan has become a symbol of a new European country”.

Ukraine marks the fifth anniversary of the start of the Revolution of Dignity

“We saw the creation of a new all-Ukrainian phenomenon – volunteering, which became the basis for the organization of the Maidan. Sacrifice and mutual support are the main signs of the new Ukrainian volunteering, from which the Maidan Self-Defense was born, and then the first volunteer battalions that saved our country in the spring and summer of 2014 and broke Putin’s plans to occupy the whole of Ukraine, ”underlines Andriy Parubiy.
According to the first deputy chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Irina Gerashchenko, the final victory of the Maidan will be the day when Ukraine joins NATO, the European Union and becomes the regional leader of Eastern Europe..
She wrote about this on November 21 on her Facebook page on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the Revolution of Dignity..
“A photo of the Maidan remains on my Facebook page. This is not just an important memory, it is a daily reminder of how much more we still have to do. For me, the final victory will be on the happy day when Ukraine joins NATO (first) and the EU, when it rightfully takes the role of regional leader in Eastern Europe. This is real, even though the journey will take longer than we all would like, ”emphasizes Irina Gerashchenko.
She noted that “the main Hero of the Maidan was the Maidan itself, not the stage, and this is an axiom.”.
“And only those who have never been to the Maidan can equate Dignity and tariffs. They didn’t ride on the Maidan. Maidan stood for values ​​”, – stressed the first vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada.
In his address to the Ukrainians, Prime Minister Volodymyr Groisman emphasized that “the two newest revolutions in Ukraine – the Orange Revolution and the Revolution of Dignity – showed the uncontrollable desire of the Ukrainian people for life in a modern civilized European country”.
“Twice in the modern history of the Ukrainian state, Ukrainians came out to the squares of their cities to forever say goodbye to the post-Soviet authoritarian past and odious political practices. Unfortunately, the last time, in the winter of 2013-2014, we had to pay too high a price in the struggle for our own future, ”says Vladimir Groisman.
He calls the revolution of dignity “the starting point for the Ukrainian state and society, when the best of our citizens paid with their lives and health for their freedom and beliefs.”.
“Our main task is to deepen political and sectoral European integration, Ukraine’s active entry into the Euro-Atlantic space. We have achieved a lot within the framework of the Association Agreement and Free Trade Area with the European Union and are further deepening our integration. We have made incredible changes in the course of reforming the Armed Forces, we are actively introducing NATO standards in the Ukrainian army, ”emphasizes Volodymyr Groisman.
Recall that on November 21, 2013, at its meeting, the government of Ukraine adopted an order to suspend the preparation process for the conclusion of an Association Agreement with the European Union..
The refusal of the Ukrainian authorities in 2013 from the European integration course led to indignation and protests in society.
In large cities of Ukraine, mass actions took place in support of the country’s European integration course. The largest rally for the signing of the Association Agreement in Vilnius on November 28-29 was held in Kiev on European Square and Independence Square, where the Orange Revolution took place in 2004.
Dignity and freedom are not just words for Ukrainians
The revolution of dignity was a logical continuation of the original aspiration of the Ukrainians for the cherished freedom. President Petro Poroshenko said this on November 21, the Day of Dignity and Freedom, during a working trip to the Zhytomyr region..
“Dignity and freedom. For Ukrainians, these are not just words. For our people, this is the meaning of life throughout all ages. This is a struggle for their land, for independence. The revolution of dignity has become a logical continuation of the initial striving for the cherished freedom of a freedom-loving people who have never put up with tyranny and dictatorship, “the Ukrainian president emphasized..
The press service of the President of Ukraine notes on November 21 that Petro Poroshenko submitted to the Verkhovna Rada a bill “On Amending Article 133 of the Constitution of Ukraine (regarding the renaming of the Dnipropetrovsk region)”.
The document provides for the renaming of the Dnipropetrovsk region into the Dnieper.
“Decommunization should be completed. There can be no place for Petrovsky on the map of Ukraine. Not only is he one of the leaders of the communist dictatorship, he is also a co-organizer and executor of the Holodomor, the genocide of the Ukrainian people, “the head of Ukraine noted..
The Revolution of Dignity: Expectation and Reality
Political expert of the “Ukrainian Club” Vitaly Litvinenko suggests that today’s results of the Maidan are an honest price to pay for the country’s freedom.
“Personally, I am not disappointed with today’s results – it was a conscious choice, and the choice of each of us is to be a conscious whole; and a chance for the country to be truly independent. Am I satisfied with the fulfilled expectations? No, I’m not happy. And the fact that there are many disappointed people is a regularity and a result of the Maidan, “Vitaly Litvinenko tells the correspondent of the Russian service of the Voice of America..
Vitaly Litvinenko believes that five years ago, by the beginning of the Revolution of Dignity, Ukrainians wanted to see results “for all the good, against all the bad.” This kind of planning for public life is never in line with reality..
“Those promises that were made five years ago – a dollar at 8 hryvnias (the commercial rate by November 21, 2018 is more than UAH 27.5 per dollar), to end the war in two weeks,“ for all the good, against all the bad ”- it is understandable that it was propaganda. But I must say, to the credit of Petro Poroshenko, his recent words that he promised to end the war quickly, but did not finish, that he admitted it, we must give him his due, ”says Vitaly Litvinenko.
For much of what has happened in Ukraine over the past five years, according to him, no one was ready in November 2013.
“Not only the leaders of the country, we, but also the West were not ready for such results. But many illusions have disappeared. This is the difference between the Revolution of Dignity and the Orange Revolution. In 2005, in fact, through surrender, Viktor Yushchenko postponed the war with Russia. The price for this was cheap gas and the conservation of Ukraine for another ten years in the “scoop”. The current leaders had to pay an honest price for freedom – by the annexation of Crimea, the war in Donbass, the fall of the economy, ”says Vitaly Litvinenko.
He believes that the values ​​of the Revolution of Dignity allow the country to be free from the bonds of Russia..

Revisited: Five years on, what has Ukraine’s Maidan Revolution achieved?

Events after the Maidan
Political strategist Dmitry Bachevsky believes that, five years after the start of the Revolution of Dignity, it is too early to talk about the results, since the events that followed it are not over yet.
“The seizure of Crimea, the war in Donbass, the economic blockade by Russia and other related problems are not over yet. The tension is growing and the denouement is approaching, by the results of which we will be able to judge the final result of the revolution. The main strategic result that the revolution has brought so far is that Ukraine is gradually learning to live without Russia, drawing closer to the EU, and a civil society has emerged inside the country that is capable of exerting pressure on the authorities, ”Dmitry Bachevsky tells the correspondent of the Russian service of the Voice of America.
Dmitry Bachevsky pays attention to the reforms that are massively taking place in the country, probably for the first time in the entire history of independence..

Ukraine marks the fifth anniversary of the start of the Revolution of Dignity

“Reforms are painful, because you have to break and tear apart something that has grown together and sprouted into each other for decades. The whole way of life of the entire nation is crumbling, but there is no other way. At the same time, we have a lot of tactical defeats, behind which Ukrainians often do not see strategic successes. Loss of territories, falling living standards, painful reforms associated with the need to fulfill obligations to the allies – all this is also a consequence of the revolution, and there is no getting away from this, ”notes Dmitry Bachevsky.
At the same time, he points to some disillusionment in society – Ukrainians wanted to see a “quick result” following the results of the Revolution of Dignity.
“Of course, people are disappointed, because most of them always want a quick result. They think with primitive slogans, such as “remove the president – and life will improve.” Today Ukraine is fully oriented towards the West, has a visa-free regime with the EU, only the appropriate standard of living is lacking, and this is one of the main reasons for disappointment, ”notes Dmitry Bachevsky.
The weak reaction of Ukraine’s allies to the aggressive actions of the Kremlin, according to Dmitry Bachevsky, led to the fact that “Ukrainians do not feel the support of Europe.”.
Results of the Revolution and international reaction
Over the past four years, thanks to the current political leadership of the state in Ukraine, significant progress has been made in various areas and life has improved. This was stated by the head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine Hugh Mingarelli at the meeting of the European Business Association, according to the Ukrainian National News Agency..
“We must acknowledge that significant progress has been made in this country over the past four years, and this is thanks to the current political leadership. I will not repeat all the areas where significant progress has been made. From public procurement to macro-financial stability, from the healthcare system to the pension system, from education to the energy sector. But we all know that a lot has been done and that thanks to this progress there is a significant improvement in the living conditions of the Ukrainian people, “said Hugh Mingarelli on November 21.
The European diplomat stressed that four years ago, a quarter of Ukrainian exports were sent to Europe.
“Today 42% of Ukrainian exports go to the EU market. […] This means that Ukraine was able to reorient itself to Western countries, and we believe that this is in the interests of a sovereign and independent Ukraine, ”emphasized Hugh Mingarelli.

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