Ukraine does not rule out the introduction of strict quarantine

Introduced in Ukraine &# 171; weekend quarantine&# 187; while the number of registered cases of coronavirus is growing&# 160;

KIEV – In case of non-compliance with quarantine and weekend restrictions, in three weeks Ukraine will record twenty thousand cases of COVID-19 every day and then there will be no more places in hospitals. This was announced on November 17, speaking in the Verkhovna Rada, by the Prime Minister Denis Shmygal, reports “Ukrainian Truth”.
“If the weekend quarantine does not provide the necessary reduction in the number of social contacts, then, according to the NSDC analysts, we can cross the mark of twenty thousand patients daily in three weeks. […] If we do not take measures, then within a month we may run out of places in hospitals. This is despite the fact that in recent months we have doubled their number. And then there will be only one way – this is a hard quarantine until a complete lockdown, “- said the head of the Ukrainian government..
Denis Shmygal emphasized that the first results of quarantine for the weekend should be visible in the next two weeks, and if this does not happen, it will be necessary to prepare for tougher restrictions, according to the Internet edition “Ukrainian Truth”.
In order to avoid the continuation of the rapid increase in the incidence of coronavirus, the government of Ukraine decided to introduce a weekend quarantine from November 14.
“The weekend lockdown is an opportunity, without stopping the economy during working hours, to stop this geometric growth of the pandemic and fix it at least at the current level,” Denis Shmygal said on November 10 on the air of the Hard with Vlashchenko program, RBC-Ukraine reports..
According to the Government web portal of the executive authorities of Ukraine and the Center for Public Health, as of November 17, 11,968 new confirmed cases of coronavirus disease COVID-19 were recorded in the country (of which 516 children, 565 health workers). For the entire time of the pandemic in the country, 557 657 people fell ill.
Health Minister Maxim Stepanov said during an online briefing on November 16 that, subject to the quarantine restrictions on the “weekend”, it would be possible to stop the rapid spread of COVID-19..
“COVID-19 is a rather serious illness. I ask everyone to adhere to the quarantine rules that have been introduced in our country. After all, even if we break the chain of transmission of the disease for two days, the situation with the incidence rate will be kept at the figures that we have now, and the hurricane growth in the number of new cases will be able to stop, “the head of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine emphasized..
At the same time, at the moment it is known that positive tests for coronavirus were confirmed by the president, speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, head of the office of the head of state, deputy speaker of parliament. As reported by the Ukrainian news agency on November 14, Health Minister Maxim Stepanov is also on self-isolation due to a positive test for COVID-19..
As reported by RBC-Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada on November 17 failed to vote for the recommendation to the Cabinet of Ministers to cancel the weekend quarantine. The resolution was supported by 149 people’s deputies with 226 minimum required unicameral 450-seat parliament. In the draft document, which was not supported, there were recommendations to the government to allow the “business” to work on weekends.
About communication during a pandemic
According to the head of the Internet community “Ukraine is in the EU! Prospects and Development “, political scientist Dmitry Voronkov, an increase in disease rates during the period of quarantine measures indicates an incorrectly chosen strategy for combating coronavirus.
“For two days, as planned by the government, citizens are forced to sit at home, and for five days they can communicate with each other. But the main threat is that you have to be in transport on weekdays. If you strengthen quarantine, then you need to do it every day, “says Dmitry Voronkov to the correspondent of the Russian service of the Voice of America..

Ukraine does not rule out the introduction of strict quarantine

He calls the measures taken by the government to overcome the spread of the disease during the coronavirus pandemic inconsistent.
“In the spring of this year, the metro in Kiev, Kharkov, Dnipro was closed in Ukraine – this is a rather tough decision, and when COVID-19 rates began to grow, quarantine was weakened. Everything indicated that the authorities did not know what to do, ”emphasizes Dmitry Voronkov.
The political scientist believes that in addition to preventive goals – the fight against the disease, the Ukrainian authorities have to explain to society, politicians, entrepreneurs the need to extend quarantine measures.
“The authorities have a political problem, we see the resistance of the regions, local authorities. They are under pressure from the local population and entrepreneurs. And from a political point of view, the strengthening of quarantine for the central government is self-flagellation or a blow to one’s own rating, ”notes Dmitry Voronkov.
There are no complaints about the doctors

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Economist Alexey Luponosoin notes that he checked the operation of the protocols for the fight against coronavirus on himself.
“Nothing is ready for anything. People who had to do the tests are forced to travel by public transport to the outpatient clinic, it is not known how many infecting along the way. You have to wait ten days for the results of the tests, without them the treatment will not begin, ”Aleksey Luponosov told the Voice of America Russian Service..
The biggest failure in the fight against the cornavirus pandemic, he calls the disease of the first persons of the state.
“What we were promised turned out to be a lie. I can say one thing that as a citizen of Ukraine, who is now in the coronavirus ward at the time of our telephone interview, I don’t know where the money from the Fund to Fight Coronavirus was spent, ”notes Oleksiy Luponosov.
He believes that a detailed audit of this fund is necessary, while “specially notes” that there are no complaints about doctors and doctors: “They are doing everything possible, they are saving us,” emphasizes Alexey Luponosov.

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