Ukraine: 5 countries to discuss suit against Iran in London

During the meeting of representatives of the states whose citizens died as a result of the crash of the Ukrainian plane, the investigation of the crash and compensation will also be discussed.

Representatives of the five countries whose citizens were killed in a Ukrainian plane crash in Iran last week will meet in London on Thursday to discuss possible legal action against Tehran, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko said on Monday during a visit to Singapore..
According to Prystaiko, the countries will also discuss compensation and investigation of the incident. The plane crash that crashed shortly after taking off from Tehran airport on Wednesday killed all 176 people on board..
Prystaiko called Iranian statements that a Ukraine International Airlines plane was shot down while flying over an important military base at a time of escalating tensions “nonsense”. The head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said that Tehran agreed to transfer the black boxes of the plane to Kiev for investigation.
“We have created a group of foreign ministers from countries that have experienced loss. On January 16, we will meet in person in London to discuss possible measures, including legal ones, “Prystaiko said..
According to him, the meeting will be attended by Canada, whose citizens were 57 dead, as well as Sweden, Afghanistan and a fifth country. Canada previously reported that the four countries and the UK have set up a coordination group to support the families of the victims..

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The Iranian Embassy Siege (1980) Day 1-5

Among the passengers on the plane were many Iranian citizens who also had passports of other countries..
Iran admitted on Saturday that the plane was shot down by its armed forces as a result of a “monstrous mistake.” According to Prystaiko, Iran did not inform Ukraine in advance that it was going to take responsibility for the disaster..
Tehran claims that its air defense system reacted by mistake, mistaking the liner for an “enemy object” when it turned towards the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps military base near Tehran..
“This is nonsense, because there is confirmed data that our plane was following an international route provided by dispatchers … Nothing out of the ordinary happened,” Prystaiko noted, adding that, according to the investigation, the last words of the pilot were: “On board everything is fine, I switch to autopilot mode “.
“I saw information in the media that our plane changed its route … Yes, because it was hit by a rocket! He has already died, “the minister added..
Prystaiko stressed that everyone involved in the disaster should be held accountable.
“We do not want to point at someone like a very low rank soldier and say that he pressed the button… This is the responsibility of the Iranian government,” he said. “We need to find out who gave the order, who pressed the button … All these people should be punished.”.
Prystaiko added that Ukrainian experts, many of whom were involved in the investigation of the Malaysian liner crash over eastern Ukraine, should play a key role in the investigation..
“We want Ukrainian specialists to conduct a full investigation of the recordings from the black boxes themselves,” he said, adding that France and Boeing, which produced the aircraft, will also be involved in the process..
“They (the Iranians) promised to give us the black boxes. There is no specific date when this will be done. We call for the immediate transfer of the black boxes, “the minister said..

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