Trump: US to impose duties on European goods worth over $ 11 billion

The President considers this measure justified in connection with the WTO decision on the dispute over Airbus subsidies

US President Donald Trump said Washington will impose new duties on European goods worth more than $ 11 billion after the World Trade Organization ruled last year that the EU would illegally subsidize the Airbus aircraft concern..
Last May, the WTO concluded that European countries had given Airbus $ 22 billion in government aid to help the company build the A380 and A350, damaging its American rival Boeing..

Trump: US to impose duties on European goods worth over $ 11 billion

Trump said on Tuesday that since the WTO ruled that the subsidies “had a negative impact on the US,” the country will impose duties on EU products in the amount of $ 11 billion. “The EU has been exploiting the US in trade for many years. It will stop soon! ” – wrote the president on Twitter.

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Trump: US to impose duties on European goods worth over $ 11 billion

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U.S. considering tariffs on US$ 11 bil. of EU products

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The new fees will come into force only after the WTO arbitration decides on their permissible scope. This is expected to take several months..
The EU and the US have been in disputes for years over government subsidies to Airbus and Boeing. Sometimes the WTO ruled against both sides.
US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, announcing plans to impose new tariffs on European goods on Monday, said: “The lawsuits on this issue have been going on for 14 years now, and it’s time to act. Our ultimate goal is to reach an agreement with the EU to end all subsidies to large civil aircraft that are incompatible with WTO rules. “.
He added: “When the EU ends these wrecking subsidies, the additional duties imposed by the US in response may be lifted.”.
The sales representative’s list of products to be taxed is 14 pages long. Several civil aviation products, including Airbus, as well as food items such as swordfish, salmon, cheeses, olive oil and wine, and clothing went there..
The US previously said that as soon as the WTO publishes the report on the allowable rates of duties, the final list of goods will be presented..
The European Union and the United States are working on a new trade agreement. Last July, Trump and the head of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, agreed that no new duties would be introduced during the negotiations..
Meanwhile, the American concern Boeing is going through a crisis in connection with the ban on flights of 737 Max airliners in many countries after the plane crashes of this model in Indonesia and Ethiopia..

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