Trump signed a decree to deprive social networks of legal protection from user actions

Trump instructs Attorney General Barr to amend the Media Integrity Act
President Donald Trump signed a decree on Thursday about the companies that run the largest social media platforms. This was reported in the White House.
Trump told reporters Thursday that he has tasked Attorney General William Barr to begin working with state attorneys to develop legislation that will allow authorities to tackle «fraudulent», according to Trump, the way social media works.
Speaking to reporters at the White House, the president said the decree he signed was intended to deprive social networks of the legal protections they enjoy under the Media Integrity Act. Now this law exempts social networks, with rare exceptions, from any legal responsibility for materials posted by users..
Trump stressed that the companies that own social networks are, in fact, monopolies.

Trump signed a decree to deprive social networks of legal protection from user actions

Attorney General William Barr, who attended the briefing, said the administration is now preparing a bill to complement Trump’s order today. White House to remove or amend section 230 in current Media Integrity Act.
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President wants to hold social media accountable for political censorship

Trump signs executive order aimed at removing legal protections for social media companies

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  • 0:00 0:04:19 0:00 The president has criticized the working methods of Twitter Inc, which owns the popular social network Twitter, on several occasions. According to the president, there is a clear bias in the actions of the company’s management: on Twitter, Trump said, they take a biased position when choosing which posts should be censored or blacklisted..
    In addition, Trump said the way the company selects tweets that are tagged with fact-checking is «inappropriate political activism».
    The President admitted that his decree could be challenged in the courts, however, in his opinion, the administration has a good chance of winning in all these processes..
    Earlier it was reported that by decree, the president instructed the White House Digital Strategy Office to redouble efforts to collect complaints about censorship on the Internet and refer them to the FTC and the Department of Justice..
    Trump threatened to introduce «tight regulation» regarding social media last Wednesday. The President said that, according to the Republicans «social media completely suppresses conservative voices». He also accused social media of failing to drown out conservative voices during the 2016 elections.. «We cannot allow this to happen again and in an even more sophisticated way.», – tweeted Trump.
    On Tuesday, Twitter decided to add fact-checking warnings to some of Donald Trump’s tweets. All the tweets were about the president’s attitude towards voting by mail.
    Under two tweets from the president, links appeared, added by the moderators of the social network, with the title "Learn the facts about voting by mail" «Twitter is already interfering in the 2020 presidential election. They say my claim about mail-order ballots, which will lead to massive corruption and fraud, is wrong, based on fact-checking done by fake media – CNN and the Amazon Washington Post … Twitter suppresses free speech and I, as president , I will not allow this!» – this is how the president commented on the actions of the moderators of the social network

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