Trump ordered the withdrawal of the National Guard from Washington

The President explained this by the fact that the capital is under perfect control.

US President Donald Trump ordered on Sunday to begin the withdrawal of 5,000 National Guard officers sent to Washington a few days ago to quell protests in connection with the death of an African American in police custody. The President explained his decision by the fact that the capital of the country is “under perfect control”.
“They will go home, but they can return quickly if need be,” the president tweeted. “Far fewer protesters turned out last night than expected!”
Despite the withdrawal of the National Guard, some former US military leaders continue to disagree with Trump’s announcement a week ago that up to 10,000 active military personnel would be recruited to reinforce local police in Washington to counter protesters over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. , Minnesota, May 25.
Ultimately, 1,600 82nd Airborne Division personnel were deployed to Washington, but were not deployed to quell the protests..

Trump ordered the withdrawal of the National Guard from Washington

Defense Secretary Mark Esper disagreed with Trump, saying active military personnel should only be used as a last resort to suppress unrest in the United States..
The head of the Pentagon agreed with Attorney General William Barr, who, speaking on CBS’s “Face to the Country” program, challenged media reports that Trump wanted 10,000 active military personnel to be ready to speak out against the demonstrators..
Barr said he met with Trump on Monday at the White House following violent clashes in Washington on the evening of May 31..
“I was called and asked if I was prepared to coordinate the work of federal civilian agencies, and was told that the Department of Defense will provide any support that I or we need to protect federal property in the White House, federal personnel,” said Barr.
“It was decided to have a number of regular troops close at hand, nearby,” he said. “But everyone agreed that regular troops would only be used as a last resort and that as long as the situation could be controlled by other resources, it should be so. It seemed to me that the Minister of Defense felt that we had adequate resources and that we would not need to use federal troops. But just in case, we wanted to have them nearby. “.
“[Trump] never asked or said that we need to use regular troops at the moment,” Barr said. – This happened from time to time in our history. We are trying to avoid this, and I am glad that we managed to avoid it in this case. “.
Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolfe dismissed suggestions that gathering active troops in Washington is “too much.”.
Speaking on Fox News on Sunday, Wolfe said US law enforcement “needs to know the authorities have all the tools at their disposal.”.
However, former Admiral Mike Mullen, who previously headed the Joint Chiefs of Staff, opposed the use of active military personnel to control demonstrations in the United States, as Trump wanted..
“Our military is designed to fight our enemies, not our own people,” Mullen told Fox News.
The US military could lose touch with the American public if troops are used against demonstrators, he said..

Trump orders National Guard troops be withdrawn from Washington D.C.

“We can lose that trust when you don’t really need that kind of power,” Mullen said..
Retired Army General Martin Dempsey, who also previously chaired the Joint Chiefs of Staff, expressed the same idea in his This Week on ABC.
“America is not a battlefield,” he said. “We need to be very careful in how we use our military.”.
The military lost credibility with the American public 50 years ago, he said, also during the controversial, often violent protests against the Vietnam War..
“It took a while to improve relations with the American public,” he said. “It should be a relationship of trust.”.

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