Trump: Meeting with US School Shooting Victims

Earlier, the President instructed the Ministry of Justice to develop a ban on devices for firing bursts

US President Donald Trump held a White House meeting with schoolchildren, parents and teachers at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas School in Parkland, where a former student shot and killed 17 people last Wednesday.
The President gathered them to hear opinions on this issue. Vice President Mike Pence and Education Minister Betsy Devos also attended the meeting..
“I have a lot of ideas and other people have a lot of ideas. We will select the most promising ideas that will have an effect, and we will translate them into reality. These will not be just conversations, as it was before, – the President assured the audience. – All this drags on for too long, there have already been too many examples, but we will achieve results. I thank all of you for coming here today, and I would like to hear from you any suggestions for the future, based on the terrible experience that you have had. “.
Julia Cordover became the first student of the Parkland School to appeal to the leaders of the state. “I want to draw your attention to the fact that I survived. I was lucky and returned home from school, unlike some of my classmates and teachers. – Julia said, barely holding back tears, – It’s very scary to think that they will no longer have a chance to come here … No child, no person should experience such terrible and tragic things in life. “.
The girl also thanked President Trump for having already ordered his aides to address the issue of banning sliding butts that allow firing bursts of semi-automatic rifles and machine guns..
The next speaker was schoolboy Jonathan Blank, who also almost fell victim to the shooting at the school. Marjorie Stoneman Douglas. “I was in class when they opened fire on us,” he said. “I’m still a teenager, but I think that such horrors should not happen to anyone. When you try to think about it, it seems unreal. It’s just crazy. “.
After that, Jonathan thanked the president for arranging this meeting and promised to do something to protect the schoolchildren..
Then his mother, Melissa Blank, took the floor, sobbing, admitted that she felt “almost guilty” towards those parents whose children did not return from school that fateful day. “I beg you to change something,” Melissa turned to the president. “We need to change something.”.
After them, the microphone was handed over to another student from Parkland School, Carson Abt, who was also in class when the shooting began there..
“I know there are many different options on how to deal with this problem. Carson said. “But I paid particular attention to the instructions that our teachers follow and to the planned (emergency) drills. When it became known that there was a shooting, they knew what to do. But my research has shown that only 32 states in the US require schools to conduct emergency drills, but more than half of school districts are trying to save money and do not conduct any drills. In our school this school year we already had exercises in case of fire, but not in case of shooting. It’s good that at least all the teachers were ready and tried to make sure that none of the students panicked. “.
We will remind, earlier the President signed a memorandum recommending to ban devices that increase the lethality of firearms, and urged to tighten checks on potential buyers of weapons.
More than 100 schoolchildren held a protest on Wednesday in downtown Talahassee, Florida’s capital, calling for tighter controls on arms sales..
Trump previously called the school shooting a “villainous murder” and later in a tweet urged Republicans and Democrats to “focus on tightening checks.”.

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Trump: Meeting with US School Shooting Victims

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Trump: Meeting with US School Shooting Victims

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‘Fix it!’ – Florida shooting survivors meet Donald Trump and urge him to change gun laws | ITV News

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Earlier in his first extensive commentary on Florida events, Trump stressed that “school safety is a top priority” for the administration and added that he plans to meet with state governors later this week to discuss the matter. “This will not be just talk, as it was before,” – Trump assured the audience..
“We are working hard to find an explanation for these events,” Trump said ahead of the White House meeting, speaking to law enforcement and other emergency responders at White House ceremonies. – We will work out solutions. This has been dragging on for many years, but there are no solutions. “.
The President presented a number of proposals, including a ban on the sale of sliding stocks. It was these devices that were used during last year’s mass shooting in Las Vegas, when 58 people were killed and 851 were injured..

Trump: Meeting with US School Shooting Victims

“Just a few minutes ago, I signed a memorandum instructing the attorney general to propose measures to ban all devices that allow the use of legal weapons for burst fire,” Trump said Tuesday, adding that such rules will be introduced “very soon.”.
The White House says it is also discussing restrictions on the sale of the most popular assault rifle in the country: the AR-15. The administration made it clear that they are ready to consider the possibility of comprehensive checks for gun owners.
The text of the memorandum also contains criticism of Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama. “Although the Obama administration has repeatedly concluded that some bursting devices are legal, I have tried to seek further clarification on the law restricting the sale of automatic weapons,” the document says..
“While I want to take swift and decisive action, I remain committed to the rule of law and its prescribed procedures,” Trump added. “Having done everything right, we guarantee the effectiveness of the resulting legislation and the absence of loopholes that can be exploited by criminals.”.
At the same time, some of the students at the school where the shooting took place criticize the Trump administration and lawmakers, noting that the authorities are paying too much attention to the perpetrator’s mental state, instead of focusing on the weapons he used..
Proponents of tighter arms control also point out that in America, many teenagers get the right to buy a rifle before the right to drive or drink alcohol. 28 out of 50 states have no age limit for rifle purchases.
“I think this is a topic that definitely needs to be discussed and we look forward to it in the coming weeks,” White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said when asked if Trump thinks there should be age limit for acquiring weapons such as the one used by the Florida shooter.

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