Trump gave an interview to FoxNews

This was the first interview with the president after the November presidential election.

The current US President Donald Trump gave a telephone interview to FoxNews on Sunday. This is the first interview of the president after the presidential elections in the country. Speaking to viewers, Trump called the elections “the most flawed elections I have ever seen.” The President announced thousands of votes cast for him, counted as votes for Joe Biden. In addition, he talked about cases where, according to him, the votes of already dead people were counted..
Trump called the last election “a big cesspool.” According to him, he should have won in all the “hesitant” states. He also called the postal vote a “disaster.” Trump says he has a lot more votes than it takes to win.
“Joe Biden didn’t get 80 million votes,” Trump said. “I got 74 million votes and everyone thought it was over” on election night. And then voting by mail began “.
“This election is a complete scam,” Trump said.
Trump has spoken sharply about a number of former senior intelligence officials, including James Comey, Andrew McCabe and John Brennan. Speaking about the “Russian investigation”, the president again described it as a fake.
Trump said he has done more in office than any other president. He mentioned, in particular, the financial and economic situation in the country. Regarding the political situation, Trump said about the danger, emanating, in his opinion, from the radical left.
When asked about the actions of his team of lawyers, the President noted that it is difficult to bring legal cases initiated by his campaign headquarters to the Supreme Court..
Thus, the president continues to insist that the elections were held with massive violations..
Officials that followed the electoral process say otherwise.
Earlier, Trump said he could leave the White House if the electoral college votes for his rival Democrat Joe Biden.
A recount in Wisconsin’s largest county, held at the request of President Donald Trump’s campaign, ended Friday. As a result, Joe Biden widened his lead over Trump.
In Milwaukee County, about 460 thousand voters voted. As a result of the recount, 257 votes were added to Biden’s piggy bank, Trump – 125. Biden was declared the winner of the elections in Wisconsin – he bypassed Trump by more than 20 thousand votes.
Trump’s headquarters has demanded a recount in the two most populous constituencies, mostly supportive of Democrats. For the recount, Trump’s headquarters paid $ 3 million. Second Arrondissement Recount – Dane – Due Sunday.
The Trump campaign is expected to file a lawsuit to challenge the statewide election results. However, there is little time left for that: Wisconsin plans to certify the results of Tuesday’s presidential election..
On Friday, a federal appeals court dismissed a lawsuit by Trump’s campaign headquarters to declare illegal the victory of President-elect Joe Biden in Pennsylvania..
“Free and fair elections are the lifeblood of our democracy. The charges of (election) injustice are serious. But declaring the elections unfair does not make them unfair, ”says the ruling issued by Judge Stefanos Bibas and two of his colleagues..
The claim can be appealed to the Supreme Court.
Pennsylvania officials have named Biden, who won the state’s popular vote, the winner of this week’s election. According to local law, the winning candidate in a state popular vote receives all 20 Pennsylvania electoral votes..
Shortly after the court ruled, Trump tweeted a video of alleged electoral fraud in Nevada that aired on the new conservative television channel Newsmax..

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The Trump campaign has previously filed a lawsuit against the Pennsylvania government, claiming that district electoral commissions “haphazardly” processed ballots received in the mail, and asked District Judge Matthew Brann to suspend the process of official recognition of the election results..
Some districts allowed voters to correct minor inaccuracies in their ballots, while others did not..

Trump gave an interview to FoxNews

Brann dropped the case on November 21, saying the suit was based on “stretched legal arguments” and “speculative accusations.” The judge said he did not have the power to strip “even one person, let alone millions of citizens”.
In an appeal, Trump’s campaign said it was focusing on one question: whether Brann acted lawfully by forbidding the authors of the lawsuit from changing its content after it was filed. In particular, Trump’s lawyers attempted to add previously dismissed allegations that the court violated the plaintiffs’ right to due process..
Meanwhile, President-elect Joe Biden continues to build his team..
Recently, on the eve of Thanksgiving, the President-elect urged Americans to unite for the sake of a common goal – to defeat the coronavirus pandemic and overcome political differences..
Addressing the country, Biden focused on the escalating coronavirus pandemic, promising to leverage the federal government’s “broad powers” ​​and “turn the tide” of the pandemic after he came to power. But for his plan to work, Americans must take steps to ensure their own safety and the safety of their compatriots, the president-elect said..

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