Trump congratulates American businesswomen on their professional holiday

President says his administration is actively fighting to empower women in business

Trump congratulates American businesswomen on their professional holiday

US President Donald Trump issued a statement on the occasion of American Business Women’s Day, which is celebrated on September 22. The President highlighted the tremendous contributions of women entrepreneurs to the American economy and said they are helping pave the way for future generations by inspiring other women to follow suit..

Trump congratulates American businesswomen on their professional holiday

“When women gain economic opportunities, they reinvest in their families and communities, creating a multiplier effect that spurs economic growth and strengthens our nation,” the president said. “Last year, the unemployment rate among women reached its lowest level since 1953, and for the first time in our country’s history, women made up the majority of the workforce. Today, a record number of women are leading Fortune 500 companies, and countless women run their own businesses, generating over a trillion dollars in revenue each year. As our country continues its economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, these women-led companies are critical to rebuilding communities, creating jobs for millions of Americans and providing socially significant services in the affected areas. “.

Trump congratulates American businesswomen on their professional holiday

As Trump emphasized, his administration is actively working to expand opportunities for women in business so that America becomes the best place to combine business and family life. “In the United States, about two-thirds of mothers with children under 6 years of age work and support their families financially. My administration has developed a new course that strengthens families and addresses the individual needs of women in the workplace. As the largest employer in the United States, I have fought for 12 weeks of paid maternity leave for federal employees and doubled the tax credit on children, affecting 40 million American families. Most recently, I demanded $ 3.5 billion in coronavirus relief to give American families greater access to childcare in these unprecedented times. “.
“We must continue to expand opportunities for women and promote their career advancement, because investing in women is a contribution to future economic growth and prosperity for all,” the president summed up.

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