Trump and Biden meet in Nashville for final debate

Donald Trump should do more to convince undecided candidates to vote for him, experts say

Trump and Biden meet in Nashville for final debate

President Donald Trump and his Democrat rival former Vice President Joe Biden hold their final pre-presidential debate Thursday night.
At the very beginning of the debate, Joe Biden renewed criticism of President Donald Trump’s actions over the coronavirus pandemic in the closing debate. “Whoever is responsible for this many deaths should not remain President of the United States of America,” Biden said..
Trump has defended his approach to the COVID-19 outbreak, arguing the worst is over. “We are approaching a tipping point,” Trump said. “The virus is going away.” The final stages of trials of COVID-19 vaccines developed by several pharmaceutical companies will be completed in the coming weeks, the president said..
During the last debate, held in late September, both candidates interrupted each other on several occasions. As a result, some political experts have called this duel between the two candidates the worst presidential debate in American history..
But this time, the independent Presidential Debate Commission changed the rules of the debate: each candidate’s microphone was muted for two minutes when his interlocutor answered one of six questions chosen by the moderator of the meeting, NBC News host Kristen Welker..
This time, neither Trump nor Biden interrupted each other during their two-minute opening comments. Thus, it was possible to avoid a situation when in the past debates, Trump and Biden incessantly exchanged ridicule, insults and harsh comments, as a result of which it was difficult for viewers to follow the speeches of both candidates..
Things have changed a lot between the first debate and Thursday’s event in Nashville, Tennessee. A second debate, scheduled for last week, was canceled after Trump contracted the coronavirus and spent three nights in the hospital. As a result, the commission unilaterally decided that the debates would be conducted in virtual mode, but the meeting was eventually canceled due to Donald Trump’s refusal to participate in them..
More importantly, millions of Americans have already made their choice, and more than 43 million people have already voted early – by mail or in person. Many Americans during the coronavirus pandemic are reluctant to face other voters in anticipated long queues at polling stations on election day.
In interviews with reporters, many Democratic voters who support Biden decided to vote early in order to vote for Trump’s defeat as early as possible, seeking to ensure that he thus becomes the third American president in the past 40 years who will not be able to be re-elected for a second term. Republican voters often tell sociologists and reporters that they intend to vote in person on election day.
Thursday’s debate could be Trump’s last chance to close the gap with Biden in polls. Biden, who has spent almost half a century in the US Senate and the administration of former President Barack Obama, is 9-10 percent ahead of Trump in national polls, but the gap between the two candidates in the fluctuating states, where the election is largely dependent on voting, is not so great – approximately half as much.

Trump and Biden meet in Nashville for final debate

The moderator also asks candidates about their efforts to fight the coronavirus, about the situation in which American families find themselves, about race relations in the United States, about climate change, about national security and how they see their leadership..
In an interview with Fox News on Tuesday, Trump called Kristen Welker “completely biased” and criticized the debate committee for the same bias against him. The president said he was unhappy with the decision to turn off candidates’ microphones during the opening two-minute statements, adding that the debate should focus on foreign policy rather than the coronavirus pandemic and other domestic policy issues..
Trump continued campaigning for voters this week, gathering large-scale rallies with his supporters. Biden has been out of the public eye since last weekend, staying at home in Delaware to prepare for the debate..
Trump’s staff has promised to force Biden to respond to allegations that his son Hunter used his father’s connections when Joe Biden was vice president to conclude lucrative business deals in Ukraine and China..

Presidential Debate: Donald Trump And Joe Biden Face Off In Nashville | TIME

Bill Stepien, Trump’s campaign manager, said this week: “If the media doesn’t ask Joe Biden these questions, then the president will, and Biden will have no choice.”.
Biden calls the questions about his son a “smear campaign”, but the former vice president did not comment on specific allegations of Hunter’s business deals, including the fact that his son served on the board of directors of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma, whose management, according to media reports, paid his salary in the amount of 50 thousand dollars a month.
Aaron Call, a debate coach at the University of Michigan, says the stakes in the debate are “much higher for President Trump.” According to Call, Trump “has no room for error” because partisan divisions and early voting led to a minimal number of undecided voters – perhaps less than 5% of the electorate still have not made a final decision, according to polls..
“Little is expected of Trump in this debate, given the previous unsatisfactory results,” the president showed in September. “If he can do well, it will help remove the coronavirus from the headlines, at least for a short period of time,” says Call..
As for Biden, according to Kell, “given his consistent leadership in the polls, Biden does not need to knock out Trump. His headquarters are happy with the current state of the race and would be happy to extend the current status quo …. As with the last debate, he must be on the lookout for a major oversight that could change the course of the race at this dangerous time. ” , – the expert adds.

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