Trump allies: President has no plans to admit defeat anytime soon

Companions of the president believe that in the event of a definite defeat, Trump must leave &# 171; gracefully&# 187; to maintain your influence in politics

After all the leading American television channels, relying on the counting of votes in Pennsylvania, declared Democrat Joe Biden the winner of the presidential election, incumbent President Donald Trump and his allies make it clear one thing: the Republican candidate is not going to admit defeat anytime soon..
The president said Saturday that his legal team is going to challenge the counting results in several states in court. This strategy, Trump hopes, will invalidate the election results in key states for him. Trump’s aides and party allies largely support this strategy, disagreeing on next steps..
“The obvious fact is that these elections are far from over. Joe Biden has not been [officially] declared a winner in any state, let alone a mandatory recount, or a state where our campaign has legitimate and substantiated legal claims. This could determine the ultimate winner, “Trump said in a statement released Saturday morning by his headquarters..
Allies and advisers to the president privately admit that Trump’s chances of overturning the election results and staying in the White House are slim. Preparing for a possible admission of Biden’s victory, they say it will take time to resolve legal disputes..
“He must continue to demand a recount, file any kind of claim, and then, if nothing changes, he must give in,” said one of Trump’s aides..
Sources told Reuters that Republicans are trying to raise at least $ 60 million to fund lawsuits in several states, claiming foul play and seeking donations from sponsors. More than half of the collected money will go to pay off campaign debts.
“He must ensure that every vote is counted and demand transparency. This will give him a good … foundation, “said another former White House official..

Trump allies: President has no plans to admit defeat anytime soon

Non-administration Republicans warn that Trump could tarnish his reputation if he ultimately fails to lose with dignity, undermining his future political opportunities. “He will lose the opportunity to run again in 2024 if he is considered a resentful loser,” says a GOP source in Congress..
Fox News presenter Laura Ingram, a Trump supporter, on Friday urged the president to accept the unfavorable outcome – if it happens – with “grace and composure.” The more conservative Wall Street Journal wrote that Trump “needs proof” to prove the vote was rigged.
One of Trump’s advisers believes that White House chief of staff Mark Meadows will likely persuade Trump to admit defeat, but Meadows contracted the coronavirus this week and is in quarantine..

President Trump, who never admits defeat, has no plans to concede anytime soon

Another former Trump adviser believes that Vice President Mike Pence or his senior adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner will have to tell the president to make concessions in case of failure..
“President Trump has the right to take his time to comprehend this. [Victory] was near and demanding immediate defeat was counterproductive, ”said Ari Fleischer, a White House spokesman for the George W. Bush administration. In his opinion, “to save our country” can only be “giving the president a reasonable period of time to accept the results.”.
Trump’s lawyers have already suffered defeat in state courts, where the counting raised questions, including Georgia and Nevada, but on Friday a Pennsylvania court ordered election officials to separately keep temporary ballots cast on election day by voters whose absentee ballots or mailed ballots were received on time..

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