Trump accused Iran of organizing the attack on the US embassy in Iraq

President promised to hold Tehran accountable

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday accused Iran of organizing the attack on the American embassy in Baghdad and promised to bring Tehran to justice.
“Iran killed an American contractor and wounded many people. We gave a decisive answer and will always do so. And now Iran has launched an attack on the US Embassy in Iraq. They will take full responsibility. In addition, we expect Iraq to use its forces to protect the embassy, ​​and this has been reported, “Trump tweeted..
The State Department and the White House have not yet answered the question of whether the ambassador and embassy staff were evacuated..
Iraqi officials said staff were evacuated for security reasons on Tuesday, when thousands of demonstrators gathered outside the embassy, ​​outraged by US airstrikes in Iraq..
State Department officials said Monday that Washington had shown restraint and patience amid provocations from Iran and pro-Iranian groups, but it was time to take action to contain Iranian aggression..
“We very much hoped that Iran would not be mistaken and would not mistake our restraint for weakness. But after so many attacks, it was important for the president to instruct our armed forces to give a response that would be understandable to the Iranian regime, ”US Special Representative for Iran Brian Hook told reporters..
According to Iraqi media reports, government security forces did not take action to prevent protesters from entering the heavily fortified Green Zone where the embassy is located, or the embassy itself..
Defense Secretary Mark Esper on Tuesday announced that the US would send additional forces to protect embassy staff. He did not provide any details, but the media reports that it is planned to transfer the Marine Corps to Baghdad..

Trump warns Iran over U.S. embassy attack in Baghdad | U.S.-Iran relations | WION News

Meanwhile, President Trump, briefly returning from his golf resort in Florida, said he had a very productive meeting Tuesday on the Middle East, military and trade..
The president did not give details. “Very good meeting on the Middle East, military and trade. Heading back to the South White House, ”he tweeted. – There will be additions throughout the day “.

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