The United States brought charges of cyberattacks against six employees of the Russian GRU

Prosecutors filed suspects accused of a series of cyberattacks that caused billions of dollars in damage
The US Department of Justice has filed charges against Yuri Andrienko, Vladimir Detistov, Pavel Frolov, Anatoly Kovalev, Artem Ochichenko and Petr Pliskin – employees of the GRU of Russia from military unit number 74455. Hackers from the group «Sandworm», which is behind the attacks, according to international law enforcement agencies, are associated with the spread of a computer virus around the world «NotPetya», which became the most powerful attack in history, with losses estimated at $ 10 billion. This is stated in the published court documents.
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The United States brought charges of cyberattacks against six employees of the Russian GRU
US charges six Russian military intelligence officers with cyberattacks

GRU officers are accused of actions to destabilize the situation in Ukraine and Georgia, hacking into computers that served the 2018 Winter Olympics in Seoul, hacking the emails of the election headquarters of the current French President Emmanuel Macron in 2017, as well as actions directed against international and British organizations investigating the poisoning of the former double agent of Russia and Great Britain Sergei Skripal in 2018 in the English city of Salisbury.
«No country has used its cyber capabilities as a weapon as maliciously and irresponsibly as Russia, unreasonably causing unprecedented collateral damage in order to achieve small tactical advantages and satisfy fits of anger.», – said Assistant Attorney General John Demers, bringing charges, the newspaper writes «Washington Post».
One of the suspects, 29-year-old Anatoly Kovalev, was also indicted in 2018 by then-US special prosecutor Robert Mueller, as part of an alleged conspiracy to hack into American electoral systems during the 2016 presidential election..
Demers dismissed the suggestion that the charges were intended to signal Russia not to interfere in the upcoming US elections, saying the lawsuit «not particularly» timed to coincide with events in American political life.

U.S. charges Russian hackers with targeting companies and elections

According to FBI Deputy Director David Bowditch, the indictment once again demonstrated that «Russia has made it clear over and over that it will not comply with generally accepted norms, and instead intends to continue its destructive and destabilizing behavior in cyberspace.».

The United States brought charges of cyberattacks against six employees of the Russian GRU
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