The topic of impeachment of Trump is the focus of the Democrat debate

7 people participated in the last televised debate of candidates for the nomination of the Democratic presidential candidate this year.

Former Vice President Joe Biden and 6 other contenders for the 2020 presidential election took part in the December televised debate that took place Thursday evening in Los Angeles. The debate took place the day after House Democrats impeached the incumbent..
Only 7 of the 15 Democratic candidates took part in the December debate hosted at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. The previous debate, held in November in Atlanta, involved 10 candidates.
Despite campaign missteps, echoes of the Ukrainian scandal and venerable age, 77-year-old Joe Biden continues to top the Democrats’ preference ratings. According to RealClearPolitics, 27.8% of Democratic voters are ready to vote for the Biden centrist. Following him in the ratings are Senators Bernie Sanders (19.3%) and Elizabeth Warren (15.2%), representing the progressive wing of the party..
The fourth most popular is the moderate Democrat Pete Buttidzic (8.3%). Buttigieg, 37, who until recently was mayor of South Bend, Indiana, became the first openly gay candidate with a real shot at winning the presidential election. Buttigieg’s rating has recently risen in New Hampshire, where the party’s primary will be held on February 11..
Buttidzic is followed by businessman Andrew Young (3.3%) and Senator Amy Klobuchar. Californian billionaire Tom Steyer with a 1.5% rating will also take part in the debate..
“Outside” of today’s debate are such candidates for participation in the elections as billionaire Michael Bloomberg (now his popularity reaches about 5%). Bloomberg did not have enough private donations – one of the requirements that a candidate participating in the debate must satisfy is the presence of at least 200 thousand private donations to the election fund.

The topic of impeachment of Trump is the focus of the Democrat debate

Senator Corey Booker and former Barack Obama cabinet minister Julian Castro were also absent from the debate during the debate. Senator Kamala Harris announced her withdrawal from the election race in early December.
On the impeachment of the president
The first issue discussed by the candidates during today’s debate was the impeachment announced yesterday by the lower house of Congress to President Trump..
Joe Biden called impeachment a “constitutional necessity.” He drew attention to the fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin called the idea of ​​impeachment against Trump “wrong”. “We must restore the integrity of the presidency,” Biden added..
Biden was supported by a number of other Democrats. Bernie Sanders said: “We now have a president who runs the most corrupt administration in modern history of this country, a fraudulent president … a president who sold the working families of this country.”.
Senator Elizabeth Warren called the impeachment “a historic moment,” saying the Senate must “uphold our Constitution.” Warren says supporting impeachment “means loyalty to our country.”.

Trump Impeachment Hearings Fuel Democratic President Debate

Tom Steyer also spoke out in support of impeachment: “If we want Republican senators to do the right thing, we need their voters to see the truth … and tell them: get rid of this man, or we get rid of you.”.
Andrew Young spoke in the opposite vein, asking fellow Democrats “to stop being obsessed with the impeachment that unfortunately affected many Americans … and start really addressing the problems that helped Donald Trump get elected in the first place.”.
The businessman said that more and more Democrats “are behaving like Donald Trump, which is the root of all our problems. More and more Americans are losing confidence in the fact that we can really see what is happening in our cities and solve these problems. “.

The topic of impeachment of Trump is the focus of the Democrat debate
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