The State Department commented on the US airstrikes in Iraq and Syria

On Sunday, the United States struck &# 171; defensive strikes&# 187; by grouping &# 171; Kataib Hezbollah&# 187;

US airstrikes against Kataib Hezbollah in Iraq and Syria were aimed at protecting the US military and US citizens. This was stated at a briefing by representatives of the State Department.

The State Department commented on the US airstrikes in Iraq and Syria

“President Trump and Secretary of State Pompeo have made it clear for a long time that the United States will not allow attacks on US citizens, the military, or on American allies. A few weeks ago, Secretary of State Pompeo recalled "Iranian leaders that any attack from their side or from their intermediaries … that damages the United States, our allies or our interests will be met with decisive steps from the United States"”, – said a senior official of the American foreign policy department.
He added that the US is not seeking any kind of conflict in the Middle East..
“The strikes were defensive in nature. We will not allow Iran to evade responsibility by using intermediaries to attack American interests, and we will hold Iran responsible for such behavior, ”he said..

The State Department commented on the US airstrikes in Iraq and Syria

The State Department notes that the Kataib Hezbollah group, which is believed to be responsible for missile strikes on military bases in Iraq, as well as the US Embassy, ​​is receiving support from Tehran..
The US Foreign Office said it is closely monitoring the situation in the Middle East.
“We have increased our grouping in the region by 14,000 people. We created the International Maritime Safety Initiative. We have expanded our intelligence capabilities, which have helped prevent many of the attacks Iran was planning. We are very pleased with the response package that has been developed that has strengthened our position. He also deepened the economic crisis in Iran and financially weakened the regime’s mediators, ”the State Department official said..
Washington is disappointed by the statements of a number of Iraqi politicians, in which they condemned the airstrikes inflicted by the US military on the pro-Iranian Shiite group Kataib Hezbollah.

Satellite Images of US Air Strikes in Iraq Released

“We are disappointed with these statements. We are disappointed that every time Kataib Hezbollah takes over and moves weapons and people on behalf of the Iranians, there is no condemnation. Every time Hezbollah reprisals against peaceful demonstrators, there is no condemnation. Every time Hezbollah sends militants to Syria without the permission of the Iraqi government, there is also no condemnation. Yes, this is disappointing. At such moments, it becomes clear what people really are, ”said a senior State Department official..

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