The European Parliament will block an economic aid package if a number of conditions are not met

EU members continue to discuss economic stimulus measures due to pandemic

The European Parliament will refuse to support any deal on a massive economic stimulus package in connection with the coronavirus if certain conditions are not met, its leader David Sassoli said on Monday..
On Monday, the fourth day of the EU summit is being discussed, within the framework of which a package of 1.8 trillion euros ($ 2 trillion) is discussed for the next long-term budget of the European Union and the coronavirus economic recovery fund.

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EU leaders agree on a plan to help the economy



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EP Plenary session on the MFF and the EU Recovery package with President von der Leyen

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EU lawmakers want the package to include law enforcement measures to freeze funding for countries that violate democratic principles. Hungary, backed by Poland, threatens to veto the package if payments are subject to such conditions.
Sassoli reminded EU leaders that even if an agreement is reached between them, the package still needs to be approved by the European Parliament..
“The European Parliament has defined its priorities and expects them to be respected,” he said in a statement. “If these conditions are not met sufficiently, the European Parliament will not give its consent.”.
Legislators also want to end the cuts in EU contributions to the common treasury that wealthy countries are currently receiving, investing more in the EU budget than they receive..
Parliament wants to introduce new taxes to reclaim 750 billion euros that the commission plans to borrow from the market to create a recovery fund. New levies on carbon dioxide emissions and disposable plastic waste are also being discussed.
EU leaders plan to resume talks at 14:00 GMT. President of the European Council Charles Michel is expected to propose a new framework for an agreement designed to meet the competing demands of Northern and Southern Europe.

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