Svetlana Aleksievich calls what is happening in Belarus terror

The writer remains the only member of the Presidium of the Coordination Council who has not yet been arrested or left the country.

On the territory of Belarus, after the arrest of Maxim Znak, only one member of the Presidium of the Coordination Council of the opposition remained at large: the Nobel laureate in literature, writer Svetlana Aleksievich. She spoke with reporters, giving a spontaneous briefing on the doorstep of her apartment..

Svetlana Aleksievich calls what is happening in Belarus terror

According to the writer, she does not intend to go abroad, at least voluntarily. To describe the events taking place in the republic, she found only one suitable word – terror..
“I want to say that this is terror, terror against its own people,” Reuters quoted the writer as saying. – That is, one person (President Lukashenko – editor’s note) carries out terror against his people. And, unfortunately, we were helpless “.
“I have already said that there was no talk of any coup,” added Aleksievich. – It was about the fact that the authorities should appoint negotiations with society and society should be reformed … It is ripe, and we need to talk with society, otherwise all this will be driven underground and will not bring anything … except civil war “.
Earlier, Aleksievich published an appeal in which, in particular, she called on the Russian intelligentsia not to be silent about what is happening now in Belarus..
“First, the country was kidnapped from us, [and now] the best of us are being kidnapped,” Aleksievich said..
In addition to Svetlana Aleksievich, the last member of the presidium of the opposition Coordination Council, who continued to work in Belarus, was opposition politician Maxim Znak. But he was also detained on Wednesday, September 9, by people in plain clothes and masks, Reuters reported. According to Radio Liberty, this happened at the headquarters of the arrested and unregistered presidential candidate ex-banker Viktor Babariko.

Belarusian president Lukashenko calls on “western powers” not to intervene as protests continue

Svetlana Aleksievich calls what is happening in Belarus terror

On Wednesday, it also became known about the condition of another leader of the Belarusian opposition – Maria Kolesnikova, who had previously disappeared on the border with Ukraine. According to her lawyer, Maria was arrested in the framework of a criminal case on the seizure of power, in which she is being held as a suspect. Prior to that, Kolesnikova was one of the leaders of mass protests against President Alexander Lukashenko, which shocked the Belarusian capital after the controversial elections on August 9..

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