Senators warn of dangers of repeated Russian intervention

The first part of the report on the Russian intervention prepared by the Senate Intelligence Committee has been published
The US Senate Intelligence Committee released on Thursday the revised first part of the report, which contains some of the results of the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 elections. According to the senators, the federal government failed to warn the states in time about the threat from Russia. One more conclusion – the US electoral system remains vulnerable to possible attacks by enemy countries.
Senators found out that Russia began preparations to interfere in the presidential elections at least in 2014, and these attempts continued until 2017. The authors of the report agree with the conclusion reached by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller: the fact of interference is undeniable, but the attackers did not manage to influence the outcome of the vote or interfere with the work of election commissions..

At the same time, the senators believe that the federal government did not closely contact the state authorities and did not report to the localities about the real scale of the threat from Russia. The authors of the report recommend that the Department of Homeland Security improve the coordination process with the state authorities.
«The state electoral commissions that run the elections were not warned or prepared for attacks from a hostile state», – says the document. The federal government has failed to explain the seriousness of the threat to the states, according to the Intelligence Committee.
Democratic Senator Ron Weiden, who helped draft the report, added a separate note to the document in which he disagreed with the fact that states should still be responsible for the conduct of elections..
«We should not ask the geek of the district electoral commission to join the battle with the fully equipped Russian cyber army. This approach failed in 2016 and will fail again.», – senator thinks.

Senate Intelligence Committee’s final report on Russian interference in 2016 sheds light on Trump…

Document published today – only the first part of the report on the results of the investigation, which was conducted by the senators for two and a half years. The authors of the investigation assessed the role of social networks in manipulating public opinion and compared how the Barack Obama administration, Trump’s campaign headquarters and the transitional team of the president-elect reacted to the problem..

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