Senator Warner drafts bill to combat Russian influence in the elections

Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Intelligence proposes requiring campaign headquarters to report all contacts with foreigners to the FBI and the Federal Election Commission

Russia’s attempts to influence the internal political processes in the United States are not limited to social networks alone, although this aspect has been the main focus since the beginning of the “Russian investigation.” Now observers fear other types of Moscow influence on the minds of Americans in the shadows..
Some lawmakers and experts are alarmed that Russian agents are trying to influence US citizens with the good old methods of the intelligence arsenal – by holding face-to-face meetings and offering material rewards for the provision of services. Mark Warner, vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, introduced a bill on Tuesday that requires all campaign headquarters operating in the United States to report any contact with foreigners offering assistance to candidates..
“Most Americans know that if you are approached by a (representative) of a foreign enemy country in connection with our elections, then you must report such contacts … Obviously, some Americans do not take this responsibility seriously,” he said. today Mark Warner is apparently hinting at Donald Trump’s campaign staff.

President Donald Trump speaks to reporters at the White House, Washington, May 20, 2019..

Warner’s Foreign Election Influence Bill requires all campaign headquarters to report any contact with foreigners to the FEC and the Federal Bureau of Investigation within one week of such communication. The bill also requires all headquarters to conduct trainings with their staff members on the topic of communication with representatives of foreign countries..

Senator Warner drafts bill to combat Russian influence in the elections

Warner referred to a recently published report by Special Attorney Robert Mueller. The special attorney’s team found at least 140 cases of communication between Trump staff and Russian citizens, as well as employees of the WikiLeaks news site. According to the senator, this is the main reason for the development of the bill.

Report by Special Attorney Robert Mueller at the House Intelligence Committee Hearing, Washington, April 18, 2019

“Representatives of Trump’s headquarters welcomed the (Russians’s) help and sought to hide it from the American people,” Warner said..
On Tuesday, a group of experts urged lawmakers to limit the ability of Russia, China and other countries to secretly finance political campaigns in the United States..

Trump-Russia probe thrusts Mark Warner into the national spotlight

“There is a huge amount of resources that are in the hands of oligarchs, tycoons, businessmen, Russian companies. All of them can be used in transactions with “dark money” “- said Mike Carpenter, a former adviser to ex-Vice President Joe Biden, speaking at a meeting of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Senator Warner drafts bill to combat Russian influence in the elections

According to him, the existing system of financing political campaigns in the United States is so opaque that the authorities do not even have a rough idea of ​​the amount of “dark money” coming to candidates from representatives of foreign states. Carpenter, who now heads the Biden Center for Diplomacy at the University of Pennsylvania, says the funds go to headquarters through offshore campaigns and through high-end real estate deals..

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