Senator Murphy urged not to send US Ambassador to Belarus

According to the legislator, in the current situation, the level of diplomatic relations should not be increased

Democratic Senator Chris Murphy urged the Donald Trump administration not to send an American ambassador to Belarus, as, in his opinion, this would send the wrong signal to the residents of this former Soviet republic..
“The dispatch of an ambassador to Minsk now, for the first time in more than ten years, will be a signal that the United States approves of these actions, and I am ready to oppose the nomination of a candidate to the Committee on Foreign Relations, if she is not withdrawn by the President,” Murphy said..
The senator’s statement came after the presidential elections in Belarus, in which, according to official results, Alexander Lukashenko won a crushing victory, receiving about 80 percent of the vote. Opposition candidates and demonstrators rejected election results, while human rights activists condemned the excessive use of force by the authorities against peaceful demonstrators.
“Authoritarian leader Alexander Lukashenko is trying to steal elections in Belarus,” Murphy continued. – By turning off the Internet and sending riot police to fight peaceful demonstrators, the Lukashenka government threatened opposition candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya to record a video "hostage" and recognize his victory in the elections. Such tactics are unacceptable and signal the weakness of a leader who is forced to resort to force to stay in power. “.
A Connecticut senator said he supports “the brave people of Belarus who demand freedom from the tyranny, corruption and nepotism that have held the country back for too long.”.

Senator Murphy urged not to send US Ambassador to Belarus

On April 20, US President Donald Trump announced his intention to appoint as ambassador to Minsk career diplomat Julie Fisher, who is a senior State Department official for Europe. Fischer previously worked for NATO and also served in Russia, Georgia and Ukraine. Her appointment must be approved by the Senate..

Russia recalls US ambassador after Biden threatens sanctions for election-meddling

“Although I support the strengthening of ties between the United States and the Belarusian people, now is not the time to raise the level of diplomatic relations with the Lukashenka government,” Murphy said..

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