Senator Cruz joins lawmakers in protest against Biden's victory

Cruz and several Republican colleagues have called for a commission to investigate allegations of electoral fraud

Senator Ted Cruz said Saturday that he will be among about a dozen Republican senators who will try to challenge President-elect Joe Biden’s victory when Congress sums up the Electoral College vote next week. It’s about a largely symbolic move that would hardly prevent Biden from taking office..
These lawmakers will join Senator Josh Hawley, who was the first senator to say earlier this week that he would challenge the election results. Some Republicans in the House of Representatives also plan to challenge the vote..
In a statement, Cruise and other senators said they intend to vote to disregard electoral votes from wavering states, which are at the center of President Donald Trump’s unproven allegations of electoral fraud, and will call for an urgent commission to investigate allegations of falsifications.
In addition to Cruise, the statement was signed by Senators Ron Johnson, James Lankford, Steve Danes, John F. Kennedy, Marsha Blackburn, Mike Brown. They are joined by Cynthia Lammis, Tommy Taberville, Bill Hagerty and Roger Marshall, who will be sworn in as Senators in the new Congress on Sunday..
Senatorial Statement
The senators’ January 2 statement said: “The 2020 election, like the 2016 election, was a bitter struggle, with a small margin in many wavering states. However, the 2020 elections were accompanied by unprecedented allegations of vote fraud …, inappropriate application of electoral laws and other violations of the voting procedure. “.
Lawmakers note that “a joint Reuters / Ipsos poll shows that 39 percent of Americans believe that "elections were rigged". This opinion is shared by Republicans (67 percent), Democrats (17 percent) and independents (31 percent) “.
“We are not naive. We expect that most, if not all Democrats, and probably more than a few Republicans, will vote differently, the joint statement said. “But maintaining the integrity of the elections should not be a party issue. A fair and credible audit, promptly conducted and completed well before January 20, would greatly enhance American confidence in our electoral process and greatly enhance the legitimacy of our next president – whoever it is. This is our duty to the people “.

Senator Cruz joins lawmakers in protest against Biden's victory

Biden will take office on January 20.
Can the Challenge Be Succeeded?
This is highly unlikely given that the House of Representatives is controlled by Democrats and that several Senate Republicans, including McConnell, have acknowledged Biden’s victory..
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell asked fellow Republican senators December 15 not to join the House objection.

Protestors gather at Senator Cruz’s home

Several other reputable Republicans agreed with this. The second-oldest Republican in the Senate, South Dakota Senator John Thune, said earlier in December that if the Senate were forced to vote on the issue, he had no doubt that the election results would be recognized. Thune said there is no point in putting Senators to vote when “you know what the final outcome will be.”.
Republican Senator John Cornin of Texas said any such Republican effort in Congress would be “futile” and misguided.
There is no evidence of massive electoral fraud, as confirmed by a number of voting officials and William Barr, who stepped down as US attorney general last week..

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