Protests calling for police reform will continue on Monday

In Washington, protesters gather again in the park opposite the White House

Demonstrations against police brutality and racial equality are expected to continue on Monday, three weeks after George Floyd’s death in Minnesota in police custody and three days after police gunned down Raishard Brooks in Atlanta..

Protests calling for police reform will continue on Monday

Georgia will march to the State Capitol, and in Washington, protesters will gather in Lafayette Park across from the White House, where law enforcement pushed a peaceful crowd two weeks ago shortly before President Donald Trump walked through to pose for photographers outside a nearby church..
On Sunday, protests took place in many cities, including Washington, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Miami.
Speaking on CBS’s “Facing the Country” program on Sunday, Seattle Police Chief Carment Best said she hoped the police could return to the peaceful protesters sector in the city without “escalating into a forceful situation.”.
Anti-racist protesters peacefully occupied a four-block stretch of town they called the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. The organizers say they want an area without police. A huge sign “Black Lives Matters” is inscribed on the main street of this sector.
US President Donald Trump called the demonstrators “disgusting anarchists”, saying the city should “reclaim” this zone.
However, Mayor Jenny Dercan likened the area to a “street party vibe,” claiming that it did not pose a threat to the public, but would return to city control at some point..
Anti-racist marches inspired by the death of George Floyd continued throughout the weekend in some major European cities.

Protests calling for police reform will continue on Monday

Demonstrators in Berlin formed a nine-kilometer chain that began at the Brandenburg Gate.
At the same time, in Paris, the police took to the action of protest against the unjust, in their opinion, accusations of racism and cruelty.
Shortly after 15 thousand people demonstrated in the French capital, about 50 officers and their vehicles surrounded the Arc de Triomphe.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Sunday that “racist banditry” has no place on British streets. The statement came after right-wing extremists attacked anti-racist protesters. About 100 people were arrested.

Calls for police reform intensifies across the country | GMA

London Mayor Sadiq Khan blamed the violence exclusively on the right and thanked the police for a “fantastic job” of putting things in order.
Also on Sunday, hundreds of people held a demonstration in Tokyo, holding posters that read “Black lives matter.”.
Thousands of people on Sunday demonstrated in New Zealand and knelt in a minute of silence in memory of George Floyd in front of the American Consulate.

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