Pompeo's Asia Tour: North Korea's Relationship on the Agenda

According to experts, the recent rocket launch in the DPRK &# 171; shouldn’t affect&# 187; on the dialogue between Washington and Pyongyang

The United States does not rule out working negotiations with North Korean officials on the sidelines of regional forums to be held in Bangkok this week. According to experts, the recent missile launch made in North Korea is unlikely to have a significant impact on Washington’s efforts to nuclear disarmament on the Korean Peninsula..
State Department chief Mike Pompeo flew from Washington to Bangkok on Tuesday. In the capital of Thailand, he has several events planned at once: Pompeo will take part in the meeting of foreign ministers at the meeting of the Association of the United States and the countries of Southeast Asia, in the meeting of foreign ministers of East Asian countries and the regional ministerial meeting of the ASEAN Forum. Pompeo will also hold talks with Thai Foreign Minister Don Pramudwinai.

Pompeo's Asia Tour: North Korea's Relationship on the Agenda

“We hope we can start working negotiations (with North Korea) as soon as possible,” Pompeo said Monday in response to a question about possible communication with Pyongyang officials during events in Thailand. The spokesman for the State Department added that the official agenda of Pompeo does not include bilateral talks with representatives of the DPRK..
Despite the fact that Pyongyang on Thursday conducted new ballistic missile tests, Pompeo is confident in the possibility of continuing negotiations.
“I think we will continue. I mean, I think we’re ready to sit down and talk about it. North Korea has taken much worse action before our diplomatic engagement, ”Pompeo told Fox News..
According to press reports, North Korean Foreign Minister Lee Yong Ho will not attend the ASEAN meetings in Bangkok. However, North Korean representatives tend to be present at the association’s events. State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus confirmed in an interview with Voice of America that the United States will also continue negotiations with its allies involved in resolving the North Korean problem, most likely the foreign ministers of Japan and South Korea..

Pompeo's Asia Tour: North Korea's Relationship on the Agenda

Atlantic Council spokesman Todd Rosenblum says the North Korean missile launch “should not and is unlikely to affect the negotiating efforts.”.
Another major topic on Pompeo’s trip is expected to be a discussion of China’s actions in the South China Sea..
China declares claims on the territory in the South China Sea basin, while affecting the interests of many ASEAN countries – Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Taiwan. The State Department claims that the United States is “interested in ensuring stability” in the region.
Morgan Ortagus said in an interview with Voice of America that the State Department is “concerned” about the recent missile launches that China launched from artificial islands in the South China Sea, as well as the territorial dispute between Vietnam and the PRC..

Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo Arrives In North Korea To Secure Nuclear Progress | TODAY

From Thailand, Pompeo will travel to Australia. On August 4, consultations of Australian and US ministers will take place in Sydney. The meeting will also be attended by new Defense Minister Mark Esper.

Pompeo's Asia Tour: North Korea's Relationship on the Agenda

On August 5, the head of the American diplomatic department will visit the Federated States of Micronesia. Pompeo will be the first ever Secretary of State to visit the island nation in Oceania. The country has just held the inauguration of the new President of Micronesia, David Panuelo.

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