Political scientist Shklyarov released from Belarus

After Pompeo’s conversation with Lukashenko, the former political prisoner flies to the USA

Political scientist Vitaly Shklyarov, arrested in Belarus on the eve of the presidential elections, has been released from the country and is flying to Washington. This was reported to the Voice of America by his lawyer Anton Gashinsky. The defense attorney linked this with the outcome of negotiations between US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Alexander Lukashenko.
According to Gashinsky, “the investigation and the criminal case against Shklyarov are still not completed.” “The investigation has satisfied our written application for permission to leave. Therefore, Vitaly flew away to improve his health, undermined after the coronavirus transferred to the pre-trial detention center, ”said Gashinsky.
The lawyer stressed that Shklyarov intends to return to Minsk, since his mother is in Belarus, who is now being treated for cancer, and he intends to take care of her: “She was hospitalized again recently”.
In an interview that the mother of the political scientist Nina Shklyarova had previously given to Ksenia Sobchak, she stated that after the arrest, her son was beaten, and also that he had reported a broken toe.
“I would like to emphasize that nothing has changed for Vitaly, he is under investigation and under a nondisclosure agreement. The fact that he was released – this happened after Pompeo’s call to Lukashenko, and was the main purpose of the telephone conversations, ”Gashinsky said..
Note that earlier Shklyarov was changed the measure of restraint, and was released from the pre-trial detention center of Belarus. This happened after Lukashenka’s meeting with some political prisoners, including Shklyarov.
Since his release, the political scientist has remained silent. His social media pages are blocked and his phone is unavailable.
“The task of this regime is to shut the mouths of people.”
Earlier, the editor-in-chief of the independent Internet portal Charter-97, Natalya Radzina, a former political prisoner, previously stated in an interview with the Voice of America (https://www.golosameriki.com/a/lukashenko-kgb-political-prisoners/5630017.html ) that the KGB of Belarus practices blackmail and intimidation against all opponents of Lukashenka.

Political scientist Shklyarov released from Belarus

According to her, the silence of political prisoners released from jail, including Shklyarov, is explained by the unprecedented pressure exerted on them by the special services of Belarus..
“The task of this regime is to silence people,” Radzina is convinced. – He is simply bargaining with the West, because he is afraid of new sanctions. And there are still hundreds of political prisoners in prisons. It is not only Viktor Babariko and Sergei Tikhanovsky, who certainly need to be released, but also Nikolai Statkevich and Pavel Sevyarynets, as well as many famous Belarusian bloggers such as Sergei Petrukhin, Andrei Kabanov, Igor Losik, Dmitry Kozlov and many others who did a lot for the Belarusian revolution “.
Opposition of Belarus announced a “nationwide strike”

Belarusian elections: Lukashenko’s biggest test?

As a reminder, the date of the “people’s ultimatum” announced to Alexander Lukashenko by ex-presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, whom the Belarusian opposition considers the real winner of the presidential elections, expired on October 25.
Tikhanovskaya earlier demanded that Lukashenka resign from the post of President of Belarus, stop violence against protesters and release all political prisoners.
Mass protests were held in Belarus again last weekend, as a result of which about five thousand people were detained.
Recall that the US and the European Union called the results of the presidential elections in Belarus rigged.

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