New restrictions due to coronavirus are introduced in North America and the European Union

China Shows Progress Against Coronavirus: Wuhan Records Just One Case Today

On Wednesday, it became known about new restrictions on movement introduced in North America and Malaysia. EU banned foreigners from entering the country as EU governments try to take control of the spread of the new coronavirus.
While the US announced it would temporarily close its border with Canada “for nonessential traffic,” travelers created congestion at European border crossings as global infections approached 200,000 and the death toll topped 7,500..
European countries have also closed their borders to non-essential traffic, but many checkpoints are open to residents of European countries who come to neighboring countries to work, and to trucks carrying medicines and other vital food and materials..
After Malaysia’s confirmed cases rose to 790, Malaysia announced a partial border lockdown for two weeks, causing massive traffic jams at the border bridge that connects Malaysia and Singapore..
China, where the outbreak began late last year, reported several new cases on Wednesday.
Saudi Arabian authorities on Wednesday recommended that private companies transfer employees, if possible, to remote work. People who, by the nature of their work, must be physically present at the workplace, must keep their distance from each other..
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison declared a “biosafety emergency” on Wednesday, giving the government the power to impose curfews and quarantines.
Other countries have already taken steps to stop the spread of the virus..

New restrictions due to coronavirus are introduced in North America and the European Union

Italy, Spain and France now have tough travel bans as these countries have the highest number of infections..
Germany, with nearly 9,900 confirmed cases, is preparing for a spike in infections after a spokesman for the local health ministry warned that up to 10 million people could be infected with the coronavirus in the country..
However, the head of the German Robert Koch Institute, Lothar Weiler, believes that the number of infections can be significantly reduced if social interaction between people is reduced. Weiler also warned that the outbreak could continue to affect Germany for two years..
In Brazil, where more than 300 cases of infection have been reported, the agency that oversees public parks has announced their closure, in accordance with government recommendations, to avoid crowding. The visitation ban also touched the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer, one of the hallmarks of Rio de Janeiro. On Tuesday, it became known about the first death from coronavirus in Brazil.

European countries issue new restrictions amid Covid-19 resurgence

New restrictions due to coronavirus are introduced in North America and the European Union

According to the World Health Organization, the virus has been recorded in 159 countries, where more than 214,000 people have been infected with it, of which more than 8,770 have died. On Wednesday, the Kyrgyz authorities reported the first case of infection. The borders of the country are already closed.
China has been hit hardest by the coronavirus than any other country, with 82,000 people infected there. However, the situation there has been steadily improving in recent weeks..
In the United States, 107 people have already died from the coronavirus. Residents of San Francisco have already been banned from leaving their homes. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is considering introducing similar measures in the country’s most populous city. Authorities in California and Kansas announced Tuesday night that public schools will be closed until fall.

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