Macron condemned Turkey's role in Libya and Wagner's group

The French leader said that Ankara is supplying jihadists to Libya, but did not provide any facts

The French president on Monday accused Turkey of massively importing jihadists into Libya, calling Ankara’s intervention “criminal,” and accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of an ambivalent attitude toward Russian mercenaries operating in the North African state. In recent weeks, relations between NATO allies, France and Turkey, have escalated due to Libya, Northern Syria and the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean in general..
Turkey has taken a number of steps in Libya in recent weeks, providing air support and weapons to the Tripoli-based internationally recognized government. Assistance was provided to repel an attack by forces subordinate to Khalifa Haftar.
Macron says Turkey “massively imports” jihadists from Syria.

Macron condemned Turkey's role in Libya and Wagner's group

Paris was accused of political support for Haftar, and earlier he provided military assistance to his formations in the fight against Islamists. France denies support, but does not reproach its allies, in particular the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which also violated the international arms embargo on Libya.
The Libyan Haftar National Army (LNA) is supported by the UAE, Egypt and Russia. In recent weeks, French officials have repeatedly stated that Turkey’s intervention is helping Russia gain a foothold in Libya..
Libya’s National Oil Corporation said on Friday Russian mercenaries infiltrated the Sharara oil field. A UN report released in May said the Russian Wagner Group had deployed up to 1,200 people in Libya. Macron held a videoconference with Putin on Friday, but did not express condemnation of Moscow in this regard. The French leader noted that the two leaders agreed to work towards a common goal – a ceasefire. Macron said on Monday that, according to Putin, private contractors do not represent Russia..

Macron: Turkey playing ‘dangerous game’ in Libya

“I told him that I condemn with extreme certainty the actions taken by the Wagner Group,” the French President said..

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