Instead of RT, another production company is registered by a foreign agent

The relevant documents are posted on the website of the US Department of Justice

The Russian government-funded TV channel RT (also known as Russia Today) has registered in the United States as a foreign agent, said the channel’s editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan. Earlier, she stated that the registration of RT as a foreign agent was required by the US Department of Justice..
Based on the documents posted on the Ministry of Justice website on Monday, T&R Productions LLC is subordinate to the Russian non-profit organization ANO TV-Novosti, which in 2017 received about 19 billion rubles from the state budget of the Russian Federation. General Manager T&R Productions LLC is Mikhail Solodovnikov. Also attached to the questionnaire is an agreement between the companies for the production of “information materials and messages and events and facts occurring in the United States of America”.

Instead of RT, another production company is registered by a foreign agent

Earlier it was reported that the State Duma of Russia is developing a law on media – foreign agents in response to the situation with RT. Several foreign publications, including Radio Liberty, the German broadcaster Deutsche Welle, CNN and the Voice of America, may be affected by the so-called “retaliatory measures”. The text of the relevant amendments is expected to appear on Tuesday, on Wednesday the bill may be submitted to the plenary session of the State Duma.
Washington has repeatedly stressed that the law on foreign agents in the United States is significantly different from the Russian one and does not restrict freedom of information in any way. Thomas Kent, president of the Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty media corporation, said that “RT broadcasts its programs in the United States through cable television, while Radio Liberty does not have such opportunities in Russia.” He noted that "Freedom journalists" persecuted and beaten in Russia, their accreditation was revoked – while nothing of the kind has happened in relation to the journalists representing the Russian TV channel in the United States.

RT America forced to register as a ‘foreign agent’

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