Hearings on racism in the United States are held at the UN

The UN Special Rapporteur on Racism said that injustice and discrimination &# 171; deeply rooted&# 187; in American law enforcement

Before the debate on racism in US law enforcement agencies, US Resident Representative to the UN agencies in Geneva, Andrew Bremberg, said that any resolution of the Human Rights Council on this topic should be comprehensive, and also apply to other countries where racism exists..
“As the world’s leading human rights defender, we call on all governments to demonstrate the same levels of transparency and accountability that the United States and our democratic partners demonstrate. We are not out of control, but any Human Rights Council resolution on this topic should be comprehensive and should name other countries where racism is a problem, ”said the US Ambassador to the UN agencies in Geneva.
Philonis Floyd, brother of George Floyd killed in Minneapolis, also spoke at the debate. .
“The police showed no mercy or humanity and tortured my brother to death in the middle of a street in Minneapolis as a crowd of witnesses watched and begged them to stop. By doing this, they once again demonstrated to black people that the lives of African Americans do not matter in the United States, “he said..
The UN Special Rapporteur on Racism said Wednesday that injustice and discrimination are “deeply rooted” in US law enforcement.

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Hearings on racism in the US are held at the UN



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Hearings on racism in the United States held at the UN


  • Hearings on racism in the United States held at the UN

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UN Human Rights Council holds debate on racism and police violence in US – watch live

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“Our analysis is that in the United States, this issue is not limited to specific law enforcement practices or the actions of individual officials, it extends to laws and policies that govern law enforcement. // This injustice and discrimination is so deeply rooted in law enforcement that even during protests, there are still reports of extrajudicial killings of blacks by the police. This injustice and discrimination also affects other racial and ethnic minorities. Despite decades of police reform, government intervention and judicial oversight, this violence and racial injustice persists, ”said Tendai Aciume.
She called on the UN to create “a commission of inquiry or other mechanism empowered to investigate systemic racism in law enforcement agencies around the world.”.
Meeting participants felt that Floyd’s death violates the Charter of the United Nations, is not an isolated incident, and demonstrates long-standing and deep-seated racism, police brutality and inequality in the United States..
Michelle Bachelet, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, stressed that the wave of protests following the assassination of George Floyd was truly global and called on the Human Rights Council to raise awareness of racism and racial discrimination.
“Patience is exhausted. Black lives are important. Indigenous lives are important. The lives of people with different skin colors are important. All people are born equal in their dignity and rights, and this is what this Council stands for, “Michelle Bachelet emphasized..
US withdrew from the UN Human Rights Council for Human Rights two years ago and is not participating in the debate.
A resolution is expected to be adopted following the debate. Activists Say US Officials Are Seeking To Soften Draft In Progress.

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