Garry Kasparov: Putin is the most dangerous man on the planet

Former World Chess Champion Performs at the US National Press Club

Garry Kasparov, ex-world chess champion and chairman of the Human Rights Defense Fund in New York, speaking online at the US National Press Club, noted that Russia today is a kleptocratic dictatorship led by “the most dangerous man on the planet “.
“He (Putin) has been in power for 20 years and does not intend to leave. For me – in my vocabulary – it means dictatorship. And Putin’s management of Russia is as dictatorial as one can imagine, “Kasparov said, stressing that in this context, one cannot call Vladimir Putin president..
He noted that almost all media in Russia, including social networks, are under the direct or indirect control of the Kremlin, and there is no protection of human rights in the country..
According to Kasparov, Alexei Navalny is the latest “victim of Putin’s Russia” in which political opponents and independent journalists are repressed: “Thank God he survived, but this is how Putin’s Russia treats political opponents, using bullets in the case of Boris Nemtsov or journalist Anna Politkovskaya, and poison, as in the case of Alexei Navalny. Human rights in Russia exist on paper. Just like in the Soviet Union “.
“Russia pretends to play by certain rules, because Putin does not want to completely separate Russia from the rest of the world. It does not need a new official “iron curtain”, because hundreds of billions of dollars stolen by the ruling Russia elite are not stored in Russia, not in China, not in Iran and Venezuela, but all over the world – in Europe, in the United States, ”Kasparov said. … “That’s why they pretend to follow the rules. But this does not prevent Putin from committing crimes both inside and outside Russia “.
According to Kasparov, Putin does not consider himself bound by any international treaties, since his actions do not meet “a decisive response from the leaders of the free world.” “Therefore, Putin believes he can do whatever he wants,” he adds..
“Most of the problems we are dealing with today are directly related to Vladimir Putin and his criminal regime. When there is no Putin, there will be no problems in Syria, there will be no preservation of the Maduro regime or the rule of the Belarusian dictator Lukashenko against the will of 80 percent of the citizens of his country. You will see the end of the occupation of Ukrainian territories, “Kasparov also notes..

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According to Kasparov, Putin should be considered “the most dangerous person on the planet” because he possesses enormous resources, including nuclear weapons, and “considers himself above the law and any obligations that Russia has ever assumed.”.

Garry Kasparov: Putin is the most dangerous man on the planet
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