EU countries agree to give Britain more time for Brexit

While we are talking about several weeks, however, the delay can be extended up to a year

Over the past two years, British Prime Minister Theresa May has repeatedly stated that Britain will withdraw from the European Union, as previously planned, on March 29. During her speeches in the House of Commons alone, May said this at least 108 times..
But on Thursday, May, whose days as head of the cabinet appear to be numbered, was forced to ask EU leaders to give London a three-month reprieve. The Brexit process plunged Britain into a constitutional crisis and split society into two roughly equal parts.

EU countries agree to give Britain more time for Brexit

May’s plea for a postponement of Brexit, which she said at the summit in Brussels, irritated the leaders of the 27 EU member states. EU heads of state fear Brexit will never end.
In the event that the EU does not agree with May’s request, the people of Britain are likely to take part in the elections to the European Parliament..
French President Emmanuel Macron was skeptical about the idea of ​​granting an extension to London. She asked why Britain suddenly took longer and hinted that Brexit might never take place at all. During the summit, Macron said: “We are not moving towards any agreement.”.
French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, during a speech in the National Assembly on the eve of the EU summit in Brussels, said that Paris would not support the request to postpone the date of Britain’s exit from the European Union for such a long period. However, according to him, a little delay is possible. The British Parliament should be given enough time to approve the Brexit agreement. This document was signed by Theresa May and the leadership of the European Union in November, but British parliamentarians twice refused to approve the text of the agreement..

EU countries agree to give Britain more time for Brexit

After more than two years of negotiations with London on the terms of the country’s exit from the EU, some European governments are as critical as those of France. A senior EU source told the Voice of America journalist about this.
At the same time, none of the EU countries wants to be accused of Britain leaving the bloc without any agreements. This will undermine the principles on which the EU is based, as well as cause economic damage not only to the UK, but also to neighboring countries, including France and Ireland, according to the interlocutors of the Voice of America..
Next week, the EU may hold an extraordinary summit on the situation with Brexit, which, quite possibly, will contribute to the further heat of passions. According to the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, the summit will take place if the British parliamentarians do not approve the text of the agreement..

UK, EU leaders agree on Brexit deal

At the moment, everything suggests that the parliament will not change its point of view and will not approve the agreement on the procedure for Britain’s exit from the EU. Brexit supporters fear May’s proposed deal would oblige London to remain part of a semi-permanent customs union with the European Union. Defenders of the “European path” believe that the agreement will alienate Britain from the EU.
On the sidelines of the Brussels summit, after EU leaders agreed to give May a short reprieve, participants in the meeting have already begun to discuss options in case the UK parliament does not approve the deal. Apparently, in this case, the European Union will have to grant London a much longer reprieve – up to one year or more, especially if Theresa May leaves the post of the leader of the Conservative Party and the head of the cabinet. However, some diplomats and former European officials warn that the UK may not be granted a long reprieve..

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