Cautious Trump Sees 'Multiple Options' for Impact on Iran

US President Pledges New Sanctions To Be Announced Within Two Days
WASHINGTON – US President Donald Trump said that in addition to war, there are many other options for influencing Iran.
Trump’s announcement came after U.S. ally Saudi Arabia unveiled the remains of drones and missiles she said were used in a devastating attack on her oil facilities that, «undoubtedly sponsored» Tehran.
«There are many options. There is a radical option and there are options that are not so drastic. We’ll see, – Trump told reporters in Los Angeles. – By radical option, I mean war».
«We are in a very strong position», – he added.
The President took a cautious tone, while his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, during a visit to Saudi Arabia, called the attacks «act of war» against the kingdom that is the largest exporter of oil.

Cautious Trump Sees 'Multiple Options' for Impact on Iran

Trump tweeted that he instructed the Treasury Department «significantly toughen sanctions» against Iran, which denies involvement in the attacks, and told reporters that new economic restrictive measures would be announced within 48 hours.
Trump’s tweet was preceded by repeated allegations by US officials that the Islamic Republic was behind Saturday’s attacks.
Hours before the US President’s statement, Saudi Arabia named the attacks «a test of global will».

Cautious Trump Sees 'Multiple Options' for Impact on Iran

Iran has reiterated its innocence in the raids on the world’s largest oil refinery, which initially led to a halving of Saudi Arabia’s oil production.
The Iranian-backed Houthi faction in Yemen claimed responsibility for the strikes, which released details of the attack on Wednesday, saying it was carried out from three locations in Yemen..
Apparently, the Trump administration does not want a full-scale war with Iran, but wants to restore the mechanisms of deterrence in the region, said the security expert from the Middle East Institute Bilal Saab in an interview with the Persian Service. «Voices of America».
«Finding a balance between these two goals will be challenging., – he thinks. – To send the Iranians a signal that they should no longer do this, and at the same time manage the situation and control the escalation, I think the possibility of covert operations should be considered.».

President sought options on Iran strike

At a press conference, Saudi officials revealed what they say are the remains of 25 Iranian delta-wing drones and cruise missiles «I am Ali», found at attack sites.
«The attack came from the north and was undoubtedly Iranian sponsored. Given the evidence you see in front of you, this cannot be denied.», – Defense Ministry spokesman Colonel Turki al-Malki said.
Iranian state news agency IRNA said Wednesday that the government had sent a diplomatic note to the United States declaring no involvement in attacks on Saudi Arabia’s oil fields and warning that if any steps are taken against Iran, retaliation will follow..

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Cautious Trump Sees 'Multiple Options' for Impact on Iran

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