Biden to name first cabinet members on Tuesday

Meanwhile, President Trump, seeking to challenge voting results in several states, is losing lawsuits.

US President-elect Joe Biden is scheduled to name the first members of his cabinet on Tuesday, a key aide said Sunday. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has called on Republicans to help him in a legal effort to renegotiate election results that have little chance of success..
The future chief of staff of the White House, Ron Klein, in an interview with the program “This Week” on the ABC channel, refused to say which heads of departments Biden would name. However, the President-elect recently announced that he has decided on the candidacy of the future Minister of Finance, and his choice will please “all elements of the Democratic Party – from progressive to moderate coalitions.”.
As Biden prepares to become the 46th President of the United States on January 20, Trump refuses to admit defeat. On Sunday, he said on Twitter: “We will find a huge number of fake ballots. Fight with all your might, Republicans. “.

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Biden to name first cabinet members on Tuesday

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Biden to name first cabinet members on Tuesday

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Biden to name first cabinet members on Tuesday

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Joe Biden team announces first cabinet picks

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However, Trump’s legal battle has yet to bear fruit. His headquarters have lost or withdrew 34 cases of voting or counting fraud in key states where Biden had to win to qualify for four years in the White House..
Trump has failed to change the voting results in any state, so Biden retains an unofficial majority of 306 votes in the electoral college of 538 people. It is the electoral college, not the general vote, that determines the outcome of the US presidential election..
Despite legal setbacks, Trump does not allow his administration to cooperate with Biden on the transfer of power.
Biden’s aide Klein has criticized General Services CEO Emily Murphy, who refuses to admit that Biden is the clear winner of the election. This would allow obtaining federal funding for the transfer of power, and Biden’s assistants could talk with officials of numerous departments..
“Hope [Murphy] gets the job done,” Klein said..
According to Klein, the Republican president’s attempts to revise the election results are a shame, “and definitely not a democratic norm.”.
“A record number of Americans rejected the Trump presidency, and since then Donald Trump has rejected democracy,” Klein said..
Klein said that due to the increasing incidence of coronavirus in the United States, Biden’s inauguration will take place “on a smaller scale” compared to the usual large-scale event on the steps of the Capitol, followed by breakfast with key lawmakers, a parade along Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House and inauguration balls in the evening. the same day.
At the same time, according to him, the plans have not been finally agreed..
“There’s a lot to celebrate here,” Klein said. “We just want to do it in a safe way.”.

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