Biden Reveals His Job Saving Plan

Democratic presidential candidate tries to win voters’ sympathy in Michigan

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden unveiled on Wednesday a plan to save American jobs by raising taxes on companies that transfer jobs to other countries..
Biden presented details of his plan during a campaign event organized by his headquarters in Warren, Michigan..
The state’s traditionally Democratic working class unexpectedly helped Donald Trump win Michigan in 2016, but Biden hopes to win back workers’ sympathy to prevent the current president from being re-elected for a second term..
President Trump himself spent Wednesday afternoon in Washington, but on Thursday he also plans to visit Michigan – a state that both candidates consider necessary to win elections – and other key states at the end of the week..
Both Biden and Trump will visit Shanksville, Pennsylvania on Friday to commemorate the 19th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack. Not far from Shanksville, an airliner crashed, the passengers of which prevented the terrorists who hijacked the plane from hitting one of their pre-designated targets.
Biden has already called for a partial reversal of the corporate tax cut approved by Congress during the Trump presidency to raise the corporate income tax rate from 21% to 28%. He now calls for a further increase in taxation, proposing an increase to nearly 31% in the rate that would apply to “profits from any product produced by an American company overseas for sale back to the United States.”.
If he wins the election, Biden also promises to sign executive orders in his first week in office to guarantee the purchase of US-made goods through government procurement..
Biden’s campaign program says he also plans to create tax incentives for companies investing in the United States, for example, when opening previously closed manufacturing plants or returning production from abroad..
Voter polls show Biden is slightly ahead of Trump in Michigan, the heart of the American auto industry.

Joe Biden Outlines Economic Plan Based On ‘Jobs, Dignity’ | NBC News

Trump this week resumed posting his Great American Return campaign videos in Michigan, which show the US economy is bouncing back after shutting down as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Biden is ahead of Trump in terms of ad placement on Michigan radio stations, according to ad time companies..
On Tuesday, Trump visited two other wavering states: Florida, where he announced an extension of the oil drilling ban off the coast of the state, and North Carolina, where several thousand of his supporters gathered in an airport hangar to hear criticism of Biden. Few of those present at the rally followed the advice of medical experts to wear masks or stay two meters apart..

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