38 states file joint antitrust lawsuit against Google

Lawsuits against Alphabet Inc.’s Google search engine keep piling up

Thirty-eight states immediately filed a joint antitrust lawsuit against Google on Thursday, accusing the tech giant of expanding its monopoly on the search site market with smart speakers, TVs and cars. This is the third major lawsuit against the company in recent months..
The states want to join the federal lawsuit against Google filed by the Justice Department in October, Colorado Attorney General’s Office said in a statement..

38 states file joint antitrust lawsuit against Google

The federal lawsuit alleges the tech giant has agreements with phone makers, including Apple and Samsung, to make Google the default search engine. The Justice Department also believes that Google is using its Android operating system to force device manufacturers to preload search apps and other products manufactured by the company..
On December 16, another group of states, led by Texas, filed another lawsuit against Google. Plaintiffs Claim Google Harms Competitors By Performing “Misleading Actions” Using Google Ads Contextual Advertising Application.
In the latter case, according to states, Google is trying to use restrictive agreements to dominate the contextual advertising market, using smart devices manufactured by the company, for example, audio speakers and voice assistants..

38 states file joint antitrust lawsuit against Google

According to CNET, Google accounts for about 90% of search traffic in the US, which allows the company to generate nearly $ 160 billion in annual sales revenue..
The company has long been accused of preventing competitors from promoting their own products by taking advantage of its monopoly position in the market. New lawsuit alleges Google is doing the same with new devices manufactured by its competitors, including voice assistants..
“Google is preventing competitors in the voice assistant market from reaching consumers through cars, which will be an important way to go online in the near future,” Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller said..

Google faces its third antitrust lawsuit

Google has not yet commented on this lawsuit..
Tech giants have recently come under increasing attacks from both Democrats and Republicans. In addition to Google, the company Facebook Inc, which owns the world’s largest social network Facebook, also faced antitrust lawsuits. Reuters writes that these lawsuits have become “the largest antitrust cases in a generation.”.

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